ECE Mindfulness Presentations, Workshops and Programs

I believe that working with Children is a vocation, yet I also appreciate and understand the challenges that come with this career. Often times, you are needed in multiple places at once, with differing level of urgency and are no doubt torn between what you want to do, need to do and can do at any given time. The ECE staff and Teams that I have worked with have expressed much the same, yet at the end of the working day they don’t have the luxury of going home to recharge for the following day, as they have personal commitments, responsibilities and families in some cases – all of which demand more of the same.

This is why I am so passionate and driven to work with Childcare Centre staff

I see the dedication, commitment and selflessness that goes into a days work. Yet I also know that in order to give yourself constantly in this environment you need to make looking after yourself a priority. This is where Mindfulness comes into play for me. I teach the practicalities of discovering self mastery and awareness through Mindfulness techniques, to help individuals, Teams and Management.


It is necessary in todays world to learn to understand ourselves as best we can so that we can adapt to challenging situations and navigate emotional turmoil, overwhelm and stress with understanding, confidence and a sense of calm.


All of the Mindfulness Programs, Workshops and Presentations that I offer are bespoke and tailor made to each individual Centre. And it is important to me that the content I create resonate with the people that Im working with so that they can utilise the information to the best of their ability. After all Mindfulness is something that can be used personally, professionally and incorporated into everyday life, as an ongoing practise.

If you or your Centre are interested in exploring the possibilities of incorporating Mindfulness into your Professional Development, please get in touch to have a free Discovery Session. We will talk about your visions and strategies for your Centre, any emerging challenges you may be facing and how we can best work together to address your key areas of focus to develop positive, sustainable changes – all through Mindfulness. This means that we can plan for your Centres development and design a Program to suit you down to the timeframes and budgets that you have to work with.



My professional corporate background prior to Coaching has been in Governance, Strategy and Business Improvements as well as Leadership and Management.


Having Mindfulness within your toolbox is something you can come to rely upon over time. I do not ‘teach it‘ as that implies it can only be achieved in a number of ways. Instead I like to facilitate individuals, teams and ECE’s to explore their version of benefits and create solutions that are practical and work for them. This modality of Mindfulness, is to enhance all the training you have ever experienced and ever will experience, not to replace it or be a phase to use while it seems to be a current emerging trend.


So, why not give me a call and discuss your thoughts further. But, first scroll down to explore more about Mindfulness, my Programs of Work and to read some testimonials.

I work with ECE Centres to create bespoke and tailor made Mindfulness Workshops, Presentations and Coaching programs just for their unique needs. I believe that it is so important to bring in their own Centre’s philosophies and to focus on what they want to improve on. You see Mindfulness is not just about meditation, it’s about so much more.


The Centres that I have worked with have learnt to:


✅  better communicate with each other and enhance working relationships.
✅  help new teams connect and work harmoniously.
✅  manage stress of juggling personal lives and work lives, to create an ability to balance the two with reduced overwhelm.
✅  own and manage emotions.
✅  become better role models for children at home and the Centres.
✅  to know and manage Mindsets.
✅  to start enjoying their vocation again, becoming grateful for the journey.

Here are some of the Programs that I offer ECE’s:


Mindfulness Presentations

These can be created for information evenings, taster sessions and require little or no ongoing commitment. 



I discuss with you your most important aspects of Mindfulness, and what you want to learn about within the realms of the topic, that way within the couple of hours that we are together I ensure you get what you need. This can be as simple as learning what Mindfulness is and how it can be used. 


Prices for Presentations start from $450

Mindfulness Workshops

Workshops are tailor made to meet your specific Centres needs and are usually between 3 and 6 hours.



I create activities for the participants that are relevant and practical for them to get a sense of Mindfulness and how it can be used, especially within their personal and professional lives. So they leave with tools and techniques which they have developed and identified as effective and achievable.


The Workshops are great for Teams to get together on Teacher Only days, or in evenings and weekends to learn about Mindfulness, Mindsets, Emotional Intelligence, the Physical Body, Mindful Communication, the Science behind Mindfulness etc. However, with the array of topics that can be covered I find that a series of Workshops are most beneficial, to nurture the Mindfulness Practises as well as continually developing the Team. 


I use a mixture of facilitation methods, group exercises and coaching techniques to get the most commitment and participation flowing, to gain the best and most impactful results at the end of the day. And we always have fun too!


As the information is specifically tailored to your Centre there’s a lot of pre-work discovery and after care that goes into these workshops and as a result depending upon time and content, prices may well be less or more than my average rates, according to your needs:


  • Half day Workshop Prices usually start at $860
  • Full Day Workshop Prices are usually between $1250 and $1500
Emerging Mindful Leaders Program

This Program is specifically focused on Management and Leadership Teams, and is tailored to deliver specific requirements as set by you.



The purpose of this series of meetings is to work with the Team Leaders and Managers on creating a Mindful Culture for the Centre as a whole. To discuss the practicalities and challenges of supporting and role modelling Mindfulness Practise, as well as Mindful Communication, Emotional Intelligence and Curiosity. This series opens up the perspective of the Team, enables better Collaboration, Succession Planning, Leadership Qualities as well as discussing challenging situations and dealing confidently with Conflict.


The Teaching Team emerge as Mindful Leaders, with developed habits, tools and applications to enable them to better manage themselves personally and professionally, as well as sustain improvements and naturally evolve.


This program I usually recommend for a minimum of 4 group sessions, to be scheduled no more than 4 weeks apart – mostly to enable continuity, consistency and maintain engagement and commitment. Building on the work as a Team as we progress through examples. However, as this is completely bespoke to respond to each Centres needs I ensure robust discovery sessions, Clarity Calls and meetings are made in advance. As it is crucial to me that you get the results that you envisage, when embarking on this journey.


As the information is specifically tailored to your Centre there’s a lot of pre-work discovery and after care that goes into these workshops and as a result depending upon time and content, prices may well be less or more than my average rates, according to your needs:


  • Due to the nature of this series Prices are On Application basis.  
1:1 Personal Coaching

The Personal Coaching Package usually runs in parallel with the Mindfulness Workshops or Emerging Mindful Leaders Program and is designed primarily to support the Centre Manager, Director or CEO.



This are focused coaching sessions to mitigate time constraints. Each session is different and led by the Coachee, in a safe, confidential space to progress honest discussions regarding Centre challenges, Strategies and any personal or professional arising issues. It is a flexible structure to enable you to get the most out of the sessions, but in the main they are fortnightly and up to 60mins in length, after the initial 90min Co-Active Coaching session to set the structure, basis and outcomes for the Coaching Program to measure the success.


Programs are usually for a minimum of 12-weeks and can be conducted in person, on Zoom or phone, or a combination of all three.


Prices for this Program are On Application, but usually start from $3500, for a 12-week Program.

Here’s what some of the Centre Staff and Managers that I have worked with are saying about their experiences:

One word – Amazing! Alison has the skill of being able to challenge your thinking, strengthen your belief system, and encourage curiosity to support your personal and/or professional growth. Her easy going, supportive nature ensures that she is relatable and can easily adapt to being the kind of coach you need. Alison’s passion for mindfulness and coaching people, to be the best they can be, is truly inspiring!

Sarah Jimmieson

Centre Manager, Little Wonders @ The Park, Little Wonders Wellington

As our world becomes busier and faster, and we try to pack more into our day, it can be easy to get caught up in the race and feel over-whelmed by our ‘do-to’ lists.  Because we spend our day nurturing the well-being of children (as both parents and teachers), we know it’s important that we also take care of our own health and well-being, so we were looking for ways to bring more calmness and balance into our lives. Alison was the answer! 

She spoke to us about the benefits of mindfulness and took us through some guided relaxation exercises, which were a real treat after a busy day.  Alison helped us ground ourselves, by showing us how to create calm moments in our day and be more present and intentional in our interactions.  She also gave us some tools for slowing down and bringing more happiness and gratitude into our lives. 

It was really beneficial for us to participate in her workshops as a team, so we could re-visit the key concepts together and encourage each other to make positive changes.  If you feel like your team needs greater cohesion or a bit of a boost, then I would highly recommend Alison.  Her presence was like a breath of fresh air.

Rebecca Miller

Team Leader, Mount Cook Pre-School, Mount Cook Preschool, Wellington

If you want to move forward with your life supported with a tailor made program then this is the person for you. The sessions of mindfulness our teaching team have had with Alison have had a profoundly positive impact on each member both professionally and personally. She has enlightened us with skills for life, for which we will be eternally grateful!

Rose Duffy

Centre Manager, Greta Point Childcare, Greta Point Childcare Centre, Wellington