Alison Callan


I empower people to authentically and passionately live lives they love and deserve with Clarity and Purpose through Mindfulness, Coaching and Conscious Creation. We have infinite potential, we are creative, resourceful and whole. This is the time to believe in ourselves and command a reality we choose.




Alison is an award-winning International Business coach mentor, a client professed Clarity and Success Coach, an internationally accredited Associate Certified Coach, Mindfulness Consultant, Facilitator, Speaker and an Inspirational Achiever finalist in the SuperAchievers Pitman Training Awards 2019.


#HelloToKindness Campaign

Alison was the expert quoted in Hello! magazine when the #HelloToKindness campaign was launched to put a stop to online bullying. Alison supported and embraced the campaign fully, even holding an online Kindness Webinar to elevate the concepts to her online Community.

Finalist Inspirational Achiever

Delighted to have made the Finals of the prestigous SuperAchiever Pitman Training Awards in a category unlike any other – Inspirational Achiever. Alison was nominated by numerous people heavily supporting her in this soulful category, the very nature of a true SuperAchiever!

Generation Women, Sydney Team 30

Alison was invited to stand with generations of women to speak on the topic of ‘Fake News’, and share what she stopped believing in for the Sydney show of Generation Women. It was a wonderful spectacle of entertainment from heart to minds – a captivating experience.


Alison has reached millions of people with her message in multiple articles, podcasts and features – globally. 

'You Are Meant For More'

Read Alison’s and 10 other womens accounts of how they realised that they were meant for more, in the #1 best selling co-authored book.

International Business Winner

Alison Callan was a Finalist in the Mpower National Business Awards in the United Kingdom. To honour her nomination she flew from Australia to the UK to attend, and celebrate her success. To her surprise, she won the International Business category, and flew home with a well deserved trophy!

Originally from Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom, having lived in New Zealand (her soul home) for eight years, Alison now lives in Brisbane, Australia.  Her husband says that she collects passports, but in all honesty she thrives on travel and exploration.

Alison believes that her feet, and mind, were not made to stay still. 


Alison’s professional background is in Public Sector Business Management and Leadership, which spanned more than 15 years – a role she, initially fell into and truly enjoyed throughout it’s many challenges. As a self proclaimed, personal development junkie, it was early on Alison’s career that she was introduced to Business and leadership Coaching. It was a Eureka moment for her, everything fell into place.  Coaching complimented her career in management and it totally resonated with her values, professionally and personally, and from then on she was hooked!

“Coaching was the beginning of my awakening to the conscious choice to change my beliefs, which enabled me to stop Managing and start Leading!

Moving from the UK to New Zealand in 2011 she continued her career trajectory focusing on Continuous Improvements, Strategy and Governance. It was when she fell pregnant with her first son, Max, that Alison started her journey into Mindfulness, which again supported and maintained her love for coaching, they were the most epic combination in transforming her life through this amazing change in lifestyle to becoming a Mum.

While on parental leave with her second child Alison decided it was time to answer the calling she had been ignoring for so long, to follow her heart and continue her studies in Coaching. She discovered the fabulous Mindfulness Coaching School, and began training towards a Mindfulness and Wellness Coaching Certification (MWCC) and qualified as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

This change was a breath of fresh air in Alison’s life, and for a lot of others through the work, she now delivers through her Coaching Programmes, Workshops, Events and Speaking engagements.

I still pinch myself with everything I achieved then, through following my passion, finally, my purpose driven company was born! A way for me to put all my wonderful life lessons and experiences, good and challenging, into positive use for others through coaching – bringing you ‘Clarity through Conscious Creation’. And giving me another new lease of life.


Here I am empowering heart-led, purposeful souls to mindfully align with their mission to create lives and conscious businesses that they love and deserve with Clarity through Conscious Creation!


Behind the scenes, to me, my drivers will always be my three boys, who are my Constant; who Challenge me every day and keep me Centered. I feel privileged and truly blessed to be fulfilling my purpose through Coaching, working with so many fabulous clients, ready to blast past their fears and embrace the entrepreneurial mindset and lifestyle in order to flourish and serve those who need them!

It is an incredible experience to behold, supporting people transform themselves and their lives from one they felt was lacking into something remarkable, enjoyable and truly purposeful.


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