Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Mindset Pathway and Planning Tool

The 3 biggest and most common challenges aspiring entrepreneurs face:



1. They begin their day in a funk, feeling overwhelmed, directionless with everything they need to do!


2. They do not have a clear strategy to activate the motivation required to prioritise and complete what they need to achieve each day, and


3. They do not understand the purpose of what they are doing and how it is contributing to their dreams and aspirations.


This is why I created the Mindset Pathway & Planner, to give aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to make a change and to uncover their own answers to those challenges.

Download The Mindset Pathway & Planner


The #1 Strategy You Must Put in to Place TODAY to Grow Yourself

and your Business!



    The Mindset Pathway & Planner will get you delivering on your Big Picture thinking, developing your Self Mastery and Awareness and gaining

    Clarity on who you are and how you show up in the world.

    Who here is sometimes overwhelmed by all the things they need to do??

    Sometimes I don’t even know where to start!

    But thanks to Alison Callan’s Mindset Pathway, things have become way easier for me, to consciously plan and create!

    Alison is the queen of planning and she makes it so fun, natural and powerful! 

    Every day I fill out her Mindset Pathway to help me be focused and productive!
    I love how it starts off with checking in with yourself to see what’s alive in one self… what emotions need to be untangled and how to redirect them in an elevated way.

    I love being able to work though whatever is going on, then letting it go and rewiring my neural pathway for that day!

    Her pathway is the perfect combination of conscious, strategic and intuitive planning and manifesting – going from slightly overwhelmed to feeling like a Queen on top of my game!!

    Léa Vendrami

    Personal Stylist & Image Expert

    Download the ultimate 3 in 1 Mindset Pathway & Planning Tool and say goodbye to procrastination, fear of the unknown and that lurking feeling that something’s missing. Instead, discover…..


    1. The EXACT mindful mindset routine to unleash your potential, confidence, self-awareness and develop your purpose led business

    2. Gain self-mastery and learn to identify your emotional intelligence, intuition and maximise your potential

    3. Delve into what is really important for you to achieve in your day and know how to commit to getting it done!

    4. Take control of how you choose to show up everyday, gain focus and perspective


    How do you become the best version of yourself, fulfil your mission, unleash your potential and build a purposeful business?


    YOU take action, to make a change, embrace every moment as a way to improve on the previous one – with Intention, Confidence, Clarity and Ease!

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    Helping YOU mindfully align with your mission, and create conscious business with purpose, confidence and ease. Empowering YOU to Create a business and life you love and deserve with Clarity through Conscious Creation.


    Hi, I’m Alison, and I am so glad that you have found your way to downloading a copy of my Mindset Pathway and Planning Tool. It’s exactly the gift that you need right now.


    And now to tell you a little bit about me…. I am originally from the UK and my professional background has been in Public Sector Business Management and Leadership, spanning more than 10 years, a role I fell into and truly enjoyed throughout its many challenges! Continuing with my personal development during this time, because I love it and am a committed life long learner, I was introduced to Coaching. I found this method of working complimented my career in management and it totally resonated with me both professionally and personally, and from then on I have incorporated the techniques I learnt into all of my subsequent roles. Which has created much Success! 


    I moved to New Zealand in 2011 and continued my career as a Business Manager focusing on Continuous Improvements and Governance. While on parental leave with my second child I decided to follow my purpose by furthering my studies in Coaching. Through discovering the fabulous Mindfulness Coaching School, I began my training towards a Mindfulness and Wellness Coaching Certification (MWCC) having achieved my International Coaching Federation (ICF) Qualification as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC). 


    So I followed my passion and Consciously Created my company! A way for me to put all my wonderful life lessons and experiences, good and challenging, into positive use for others through Coaching – bringing you ‘Clarity through Conscious Creation’! 


    I coach from the perspective of positivity and empowerment, I truly believe we are all ‘Creative, Resourceful and Whole’. And my superpower is to help you mindfully align with your mission, and create conscious business with purpose, confidence and ease.


    Behind the scenes, to me, motherhood is what has brought me here, my 2 little boys and husband, thank you – you are my Constant; you Challenge me every day and keep me Centered. I feel privileged and truly blessed to be fulfilling my purpose through Coaching, working with so many fabulous clients, bringing them Clarity and Success. It is an incredible experience to behold, supporting people transform themselves and their lives from one they felt was lacking into something remarkable, enjoyable and purposeful. 


    There is no greater joy to behold than someone realising their dreams and making them happen.