Creating The Conscious You

12 Insights to greater self awareness

Thrive in life and conscious business

Creating the Conscious You is an online interactive program designed to take you through 12 insights ensuring that you have the most exquisite and solid foundations from which to build your dream existence.


Whether that is to start a business, excel in your career, write a book or simply feel happier and free.


Learning how to engage consciously with the world around you from a centred confident place will change your world.

There are so many barriers internally that we have created overtime, or we have picked up along the way that really hinder us from experiencing all of what we have to offer.


This blocks our potential and allows us to feel as though we are not deserving of the dreams we once had.


It is time to stop second guessing ourselves, it is time to let go of the doubts and it is time to consciously create the life we love and deserve.


But if only it were that simple…..


I have worked with enough business owners and leaders to realise that we aren’t all that different internally. We struggle with a variation of self doubt, fears of judgement, imposter syndrome and not believing in our abilities.


I created this program to help banish these weights that we bury and try to live with, so that we can unburden ourselves once and for all with practical tools and insights into our most common issues.

These are some of the very Real challenges aspiring entrepreneurs face without actively realising that these cause blocks throughout all the usual life and business activities.


Solving these at the root cause matters and affects your ability to live an abundant life, and thrive in an abundant career and or business.



1. Not knowing who they truly are in the world, and therefore are not visible with the confidence and clarity they need to shine as they aspire to.


2. Not defining a clear personal strategy to activate which enables them to manage challenges and difficult times from an empowered and confident place when they arrive, and


3. Not understanding their unique personal power in the world yet to Consciously Create from a pure place of acceptance and self awareness.


So much of who we are in Business and how we navigate the world has yet to be uncovered, and in all honesty most people do not want to do the necessary internal work to learn about themselves so that they can go to a whole new level of fulfilment, purpose and passion within themselves.

But not you!


And that’s exactly why you are here.


I know you are meant for more, and unlocking the Conscious You is key to tapping into your potential.


I whole heartedly believe that the more we develop our self awareness, the further we will develop professionally, which means reaping the rewards of a highly successful and profitable business.

This is why I created this Interactive program, to give aspiring entrepreneurs, just like you, the opportunity to make a change and to uncover their own answers to those internal, personal challenges they face.


Are you ready to meet The Conscious You?


And start Consciously Creating your most epic life and Business?




‘Creating The Conscious You’, now… and

Get ready to change your internal state, so that your external world can rise to meet you.


This is #1 Strategy You Must Understand and Put in to Place TODAY to Grow Yourself and your Business!



This program is for you if:


You know that you have internal blocks holding your potential at bay, and you are ready to be unleashed.


You see that there are more possibilities waiting for you, but you know you need to change to be ready for them


You know that you control your world and the responses to it, and you’re ready to face your current habits and patterns


You know you do not need fixing, and you are not seeking external validation. You just want to know, love and trust yourself fully.


You are committed to self exploration, development and mastery.


You have been trying all other programs and nothing is working for you, because you know something is missing (you’re right, this is it!).

Join me to Create The Conscious You!

Creating The Conscious You will get you Clarity and enable you to develop your Self Mastery and Awareness and know who you are and how you are meant to show up in the world flawlessly.

Listen to what others say…..

You are ready for these break throughs and internal shifts by

Creating the Conscious You.


Join the program now to begin…


Alison Callan is an International Award Winning Clarity & Success Coach, Mindfulness Consultant, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Speaker and two times #1 Best selling Author. Alison is the Creator and Co-Author of the #1 best-selling book ‘The Conscious You’, for which she has derived this passion for connecting Entrepreneurs with their most Conscious Selves.


Alison’s journey as a female entrepreneur was inspired thanks to her first year as a mum, when she was determined not to buy into the hype surrounding the stress of parenting, and instead chose to create a new vision and belief system for herself to help her overcome potential challenges. This led her to embrace her journey to realizing her human and spiritual potential to consciously create her reality.


An empathic and heart-led purposeful business coach to aspiring and existing female entrepreneurs and career women, Alison started her coaching business in New Zealand whilst on parental leave in 2016, following her calling to become an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF). She grasped the opportunity to create a career path that felt authentic to her, that was truly satisfying and empowering, rather than sticking to the safe path she thought she ought to follow.


As an acclaimed ‘self-development junkie’ Alison has combined her Coaching, Mindfulness, NLP, Spiritual and Self Awareness techniques alongside her Business Acumen and ongoing personal development journey, to actively impact and inspire millions of women globally through her coaching, programs, speaking, collaborations, media features and press.


Alison is passionate about helping women make the necessary lifestyle and business changes, enabling them to reclaim their joy, and refocus their minds to create an actively conscious awareness. Her mission is to help and champion the introverted, empathic and intuitive women starting in business or taking their professions by storm, to ensure they step up to be seen, and heard.


Alison doesn’t believe that her heart or mind were designed to stay still and her passion for travel certainly has her exploring this beautiful world we live with. For now, you can find Alison, as of 2019, happily living in Brisbane Australia with her two boys, husband, dog and cat. 

Make this your defining moment and begin to

Create the Conscious You today

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