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Working with me

Human beings are amazing! We have a built in system with inherent fluidity which is capable of adapting, evolving and manifesting all that we require. We just need to learn how to use it, and own it! Coaching techniques start the process of uncovering your unique user manual, whilst enabling mindfulness practices amplifies your direction and purpose so the information can be translated from body to mind and visa versa seamlessly.

Coaching is a tool, a way of de-cluttering the mind, identifying and removing unhelpful thoughts, and a way to explore all aspects of your life and bring to the forefront the answers to your unanswered questions, a way to appreciate the wonderfulness of your present. Through my coaching techniques you will focus on the aspects of your life that you would like to change, to improve.



It may be to enhance your business or career, manage stress or anxiety, overcome any personal limitations and or challenges, uncover your true self and unique purpose. We will identify a pathway for you to start making incremental changes necessary to enable you to live a life you love on your terms!

Premium 1:1 Coaching Program

This is for you if you have a change that you want to achieve and sustain, we design a program tailored to your requirements to get you well on your way to achieving your intentions, getting you Clarity on the action steps, gaining structure and building clear habits and embedding change. So that you have the tools and habits at your disposal to use to keep momentum in your trajectory towards living a life that you love and deserve with Clarity through Conscious Creation.

Program is weekly 1:1 sessions over the 3, 6 or 12 months, investment starting at $3,330

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12 Month Transformation Program

This is my signature 12 month group program and is for you if you are serious about transforming your life into one of your choosing. You will be guided, supported and Coached through weekly group sessions and we will connect for accountability where required in between.

This program, supported by online content and masterclasses, focuses on mindset, personal accountability, motivation, forming successful habits, cultivating relationships in all areas of your life and much more. With the ultimate goal of journeying towards gaining a sense of self mastery, achieving your true potential and living life on your terms, completely fulfilled.


Conscious Creation Business Accelerator

This is for you if you are wanting to start, evolve or grow a Purposeful and Conscious Business. This 12 week group coaching program is designed to support you fully in making aligned, conscious change and creating an impactful and soulful Business. From growing your  audience and getting your branding on point to working in your money mindset and getting you out of overwhelm into Clarity with focus, motivation and a whole heap of self care combined.

You’ll immediately be part of a community of like minded entrepreneurs all bringing their special something to the world, as well as a private members area with an abundance of modules to learn from, weekly group coaching calls and a 1:1 session to start your personalised program. This is the Ultimate in Business Coaching for the Aligned and Conscious Entrepreneur.

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Mindful Consultancy

Exploring and aligning Mindfulness Practises with Teams, Groups and Organisations so they can increase focus, staff retention and productivity. While reducing stress, absenteeism and burn out, through implementing Mindfulness to practically support and enhance strategies, policies and ways of working.

Programs and packages in Mindfulness are developed in conjunction with the Organisation or Team to ensure their specific needs are met. Wellbeing Surveys, analysis, Workshops, Presentations and facilitated Mindfulness sessions as well as group or individual Coaching can be considered.

Emerging Mindful Leader Programs are ideal for Leadership and Executive Teams looking to improve communication, empathy, leadership skills and dynamic practises to support the integration of improved Organisational Culture, through Mindfulness.

To design and tailor make a specific program to meet the Organisations, Team or Group needs obviously takes time and review. Proposals can be created following discovery sessions to better outline the investment.

Professional & Workplace Consultancy and Coaching

Career and Business Coaching can be the kickstart you need to commit you to securing a new Client, getting seen as the up and comer in your Company or give you the confidence to move industries. Together, using the principle of ‘Clarity through Conscious Creation’ we will quieten the noise and chaos from everyday life and refocus on the simplicity, finding your Clarity.

Through Conscious questioning and purposeful actions, you will be empowered to begin your journey bringing heart, mind, body and spirit into alignment to Create the Life, Career or Business you choose.

Mindfulness and Coaching Packages can be created for Businesses, Corporations and Groups upon request. Please contact me to discuss further.

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Presenting & Speaking

These are great fun and I love the opportunity to talk about Mindfulness and Coaching – the things that I am utterly passionate about! I create my Presentations specifically with the clients agenda in mind, usually on topics such as The Benefits of Mindfulness and Wellness, Coaching Techniques and Practises, Managing Stress and Anxiety, Building Confidence and Emotional Intelligence – to name a fewI use a mixture of facilitation methods, group exercises and coaching techniques to get the most commitment and participation from the audience, to gain the best and most impactful results at the end of the day. And we always have fun too!

Speaking and Presenting fees are on an application only basis.

I am always keen to offer my time to speak to Schools, Charities, Conference attendees and Not for Profit Organisations looking for inspirational and motivational content.

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