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I still pinch myself with everything I achieved then, through following my passion, finally, my purpose driven company was born! A way for me to put all my wonderful life lessons and experiences, good and challenging, into positive use for others through coaching – bringing you ‘Clarity through Conscious Creation’. And giving me another new lease of life.


Here I am empowering heart-led, purposeful souls to mindfully align with their mission to create lives and conscious businesses that they love and deserve with Clarity through Conscious Creation!



 Alison has presented, or spoken at the following organisations



 Alison is an International award winning Business mentor, a client professed Clarity and Success Coach, an internationally accredited Associate Certified Coach with the ICF, a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, a Mindfulness Consultant, Facilitator and Speaker.

Alison has co-authored two International #1 best selling books ‘The Conscious You’ and ‘You Are Meant For More’ and has reached over 18 million people through her featured articles and press in publications such as ‘Hello!’ Magazine, Thrive Global, Yahoo! Style, Glamour Magazine, Influencing Entrepreneur and Business Women Media, among others.

#HelloToKindness Campaign


Alison was the expert quoted in Hello! magazine when the #HelloToKindness campaign was launched to put a stop to online bullying. Alison supported and embraced the campaign fully, even holding an online Kindness Webinar to elevate the concepts to her online Community.

Finalist Inspirational Achiever


Delighted to have made the Finals of the prestigious SuperAchiever Pitman Training Awards in a category unlike any other – Inspirational Achiever. Alison was nominated by numerous people heavily supporting her in this soulful category, the very nature of a true SuperAchiever!

Generation Women, Sydney Team 30


Alison was invited to stand with generations of women to speak on the topic of ‘Fake News’, and share what she stopped believing in for the Sydney show of Generation Women. It was a wonderful spectacle of entertainment from heart to minds – a captivating experience.

In the media...


Alison has reached over 18 million people with her message in multiple articles, podcasts and features – globally. 

'You Are Meant For More'


Read Alison’s and 10 other women’s accounts of how they realised that they were meant for more, in the #1 best selling co-authored book.

'The Conscious You'


Read Alison’s International Best Selling Book, showcasing 5 of her clients success stories and how they Consciously Created their best lives. Together this #1 best seller invited women to Consciously connect and embrace their dreams.

This is also the book that earnt Alison a bronze AusMumpreneur Award 2020, in the Author category.

International Business Winner


Alison Callan was a Finalist in the Mpower National Business Awards in the United Kingdom. To honour her nomination she flew from Australia to the UK to attend, and celebrate her success. To her surprise, she won the International Business category, and flew home with a well deserved trophy!

Stevie Awards Recipient - Women in Business 2019 New York

Newstead businesswoman and mum of two, Alison Callan has been named an award recipient in two categories in the 16th annual Stevie® Awards for Women in Business.

She attended the ceremony in New York to receive her Silver award in the catgory of Coach of the Year, and a Bronze in the Women Helping Women category.

Proud Supporter of Girls Invent


Alison proudly supports the work of Girls Invent Australia encouraging the opportunity for girls in school to become entrepreneurs. She supported the campaign during International Women’s Day 2019.

TinaX Talks


Alison was invited to inspire women in Business in Brisbane at the Small Business Expo, with her practical and engaging talk on Consciously Creating a Success Mindset!

Virtual Summit Host


Alison organised and hosted an online virtual summit to Elevate, Activate and Align women globally, through hosting 8 experts to share their insights and practical tools. The Summit was an extraordinary success and had raving reviews from participants and attendees!

 Alison lives with her family in Brisbane Australia and is originally from Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom, having lived in New Zealand for eight years prior to her move in 2019 to Australia. 


Alison’s professional background is in Public Sector Business Management and Leadership, which spanned more than 15 years – a role she initially fell into and truly enjoyed throughout it’s many challenges. As a self proclaimed, personal development junkie, it was early on Alison’s career that she was introduced to Business and leadership Coaching. It was a Eureka moment for her, everything fell into place.  Coaching complimented her career in management and it totally resonated with her values, professionally and personally, and from then on she was hooked! 

“Coaching was the beginning of my awakening to the conscious choice to change my beliefs, which enabled me to stop Managing and start Leading!”


Topics that Alison can present and speak on, or contact Alison to enquire today


Inspirational Stories


Alison can talk to her audience regarding her personal stories, to inspire and uplift, these include:


  • Shifting beliefs and Creating positive Mindsets
  • Journey to Motherhood
  • Business Challenges and Successes
  • Challenges through writing a book
  • Creating Group Programs
  • And many more….

Motivational Speaking


Alison engages with her Audience to ensure that no one is left behind. She creates her motivational content to not only inspire action, but to infuse the room with energy and practical take aways. Her topics include;


  • Conscious Creation
  • Creating Success
  • Mindset and beliefs
  • Building business structures
  • Authentic Business
  • Fearing failure
  • And many more…

Workshops and Facilitation


Alison has held and facilitated workshops designed for participants to be energised, focused and with clear actions to implement on going. Her manner is relaxed, inclusive and professional.


Speaking Topics


Alison has reached millions of people with her messages in articles, features, press, podcasts and speaking opportunities, globally. The topics she can share with your audience include:


  • Mindfulness
  • Mindful Leadership
  • Creating Success
  • Authentic Business Building
  • Business Basics
  • Mumpreneur
  • Conscious Creation
  • The Conscious You
  • Personal stories designed to inspire
  • And more…

'You Are Meant For More' - Finding your unique purpose pathway


Alison can share her journey to realising that she was meant for more, how she found her pathway to purpose, as well as the practical insights she shares in the book that enable others to find there pathway too.


In the #1 best selling collaboration book ‘You are Meant for More’, Alison and 10 other women share their accounts of how they realised that they were meant for more.

Creating 'The Conscious You'


The Conscious You is an invitation for you to connect with the aspects that you need to awaken now to bring more fulfilment, joy and connection into your life. You will discover how to uncover and nurture that deep inner calling, leading the way towards those long forgotten or dismissed dreams and connect you to your conscious choices, actions and opportunities, creating your best life.
Alison Callan brought this book into existence with the help of some of her most amazing clients who have awoken their most Conscious selves to uncover their true purpose and have consciously created their best lives. Now it’s your turn!
Get ready to unleash The Conscious You, and start consciously creating your best life!

Moving from the UK to New Zealand in 2011 she continued her career trajectory focusing on Continuous Improvements, Strategy and Governance. It was when she fell pregnant with her first son, Max, that Alison started her journey into Mindfulness, which again supported and maintained her love for coaching. Together they were the most epic combination of tools in transforming her life while transitioning into motherhood.


While on parental leave with her second child Alison decided it was time to answer the calling she had been ignoring for so long, to follow her heart and continue her studies in Coaching. She discovered the Mindfulness Coaching School, and began training towards a Mindfulness and Wellness Coaching Certification (MWCC) and qualified as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF).


This change was a breath of fresh air in Alison’s life, and for a lot of others through the work, she now delivers through her Coaching Programmes, Workshops, Events and Speaking engagements.

Words to inspire from Alison Callan...


Behind the scenes, to me, my drivers will always be my three boys, who are my Constant; who Challenge me every day and keep me Centered. I feel privileged and truly blessed to be fulfilling my purpose through Coaching, working with so many fabulous clients, ready to blast past their fears and embrace the entrepreneurial mindset and lifestyle in order to flourish and serve those who need them!

It is an incredible experience to behold, supporting people transform themselves and their lives from one they felt was lacking into something remarkable, enjoyable and truly purposeful.

Alisons Interview teaser for the Awaken the Goddess Within Summit


Alison leading the speeches for The Conscious You book launch


Alison’s appearnace on Ticker Tv’s On the Download with Ryan Jon

Alison’s speaking reel from online summits to theatre stages and business expos.

Alison speaking at the ‘You Are Meant For More’ book launch webinar with her other co-authors.

Alison speaking with Dani Wallace on the Rise Up Wise Up Show.

Alison Presenting at the Fearless One Women’s World Tour, in Brisbane



The Conscious You book launch event


Alison’s speaking at the TinaX talks in Australia, at the Small Business Expo (excuse the poor sound).

Alison’s speaking reel from her hosted and organised online virtual Summit to Elevate, Activate and Align!

The Stevie Awards Interview with Alison in New York


Alison being Interviewed by Slaven Drinovac – 121 with a Coach


Alison was nominated for a Stevie award, here is her virtual submission statement.

Alison attending the Mpower National Business Awards in the UK, and Winning in the International category.

Alison holding the online Connect to Kindness Meditation event for #hellotokindness Campaign.

‘Alison was part of the TinaX Talks at the Logan Small Business Expo and her presentation was very well received by the audience of mostly female entrepreneurs and solo business operators. We found Alison an absolute joy to work with, she made the organisers life incredibly easy with her professional approach, providing everything needed to assist the event as well as promoting and increasing awareness of the TinaX Talks. Alison’s presentation style is engaging and informative, with many actionable steps and plenty of valuable tangible advice, especially pertinent to women in business. She certainly knows her stuff and can communicate with passion and purpose. We would be happy to have her speak at events again in the future.’

Lauren Clemett

The Audacious Agency, Australia

‘You are amazing!! I am so grateful for you & all you do to support us in living our purpose and creating the life we want! You are such a champion for women. I truly love how huge of a heart you have, how big of a mission you have, and your willingness to stretch yourself to give us space to be even more conscious about the life we desire to create. I can’t wait to read your new book, The Conscious You!! That is AMAZING it hit Number 1 on Amazon already!!!’

Connie Benjamin

Podcast Host | Author | International Speaker , Host of My Fire Within Radio.

‘Alison Callan shared her story about motherhood and tenacity for a Generation Women storytelling event I hosted in early 2019. Hearing her speak gave light to some of the things I’ve also experienced as a new mother, as well as brought humour, raw honesty and empathy to the trials, triumphs and realities of being a working mother. It was an absolute honour to hear Alison, and our audience felt the same, with many coming up to me to share how they were inspired by Alison’s candour and courage. I am also continually inspired by Alison – not just in the way she speaks, but also in how she lives her life with generosity, kindness and strength.’

Dr Elaine Laforteza

Lecturer and Tutor for the School of Communication and Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation, UTS; Emerging playwright, Host of Generation Women, Australia.

I was so honoured to attend a speaking engagement where Alison was a speaker. She made it so easy for me to relate to her story and fall in love with her message. She has such a beautiful energy and presence on stage that instantly made me a HUGE fan of everything Alison! When she speaks, everyone listens. Thank you so much for sharing your speaking magic Alison! I so look forward to all future speaking events you speak at. All my love, Samantha xo.

Samantha Haddad

Energetic Communications Strategist

‘I made the excellent decision to have Alison speak at my holistic wellness event in Wellington (A Day of Soulitude) and I cannot underestimate how much value this added to the day!

As an event organiser, I would (and will!) certainly call upon Alison again because, with little guidance, she was able to feel into the essence of my event and create an inspiring, engaging and productive dialogue. It was evident that many audience members were actively having “a-ha” moments throughout and I have no doubt that, given Alison’s practical advice, they were able to apply these insights into their everyday life going forward.

Although Alison is an obvious expert in mindfulness, well-being and co-creating your reality, more importantly she has a light, yet focussed, energy about her which naturally facilitates space for others to engage. Alison didn’t just speak to my audience – she inspired and allowed them to join the conversation, which in my mind is the marker of a truly great speaker!

Michaela Lloyd

Podcaster and Coach

Having Alison on my summit was such a gift. Her message of consciousness is so relevant to all aspects of life and is sure to resonate. She has a powerful presence and was such a joy to work with!

Virginia Veda

Powerful Moms Virtual Summit Host

‘Alison was asked to implement a mindfulness pilot as part of our regional wellness initiative – she was professional, listened to our needs and created two successful workshops. Feedback from attendees has been extremely positive. They are more self-aware and discovered effective tools and strategies to help better manage themselves in challenging situations.’


Engineering consultancy, New Zealand

I attended Alison Callan’s Clarity, Connection & Wellbeing Workshop. I had a wonderful afternoon with great take aways and enjoyed great company!
Alison’s facilitation style is warm and welcoming and she delivered a clear and well thought out programme for the few hours of creativity we had together.

Karen Laverde

Hypnobirthing Coach

‘Loooove what Alison does! I attended one of her workshops recently and it was exactly what I needed. I walked away feeling humbled, grateful and inspired. Thank you Alison for creating such a creative and inspiring space for us ladies to shine!

Rachael Hughes


Listen and watch Alison in action on collaborative media, podcasts, videos and summits.