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Respect the stages of your Business, and it’s cycle.

I haven't made any sales this week...! I need an income.... Why am I doing this.... What was I thinking? Maybe I'm doing something wrong, what more should I be doing...? These are all the things I hear from aspiring entrepreneurs and I get it. I was once where you...

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Authentic Marketing – what your audience need to know

There are a few things I have come to realise that your audience and your potential customers need to know about you and your business, and I'm betting that they currently don't.   If you are an empathic and intuitive aspiring or conscious entrepreneur this...

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What is Your Brand and Why is it Important – Whether You Are In Business or Not?

What exactly is a Brand? I'm sure you’re familiar with some big and well known products like Coca-Cola or Cadbury’s, even Bentley or Apple. Each of them has a distinct Brand, but they are selling products right? Yes, however those products appeal to certain people and...

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