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‘Before I started working with Alison I was struggling to be able to actively decide and acknowledge my souls true values in order to find my true love and light within my own life. I was struggling to find my spirits inner peace, because my mind was running a trillion miles(kilometers) an hour and it was hard to figure out what direction I needed to take to start living my life authentically with my true heart.

During my time working with Alison I had my breakthrough, I was able to really discover my own personal values, figure out my dream company ‘Love Out Loud’ which I am launching, I learnt how to heal myself in a healthy way when negative emotions/moods come through me. I feel as I was looking to get insight on my business when I started working with Alison but I ended up getting insights and breakthroughs on how to live a more fulfilling and sustainable life style as well!

Since I began my Coaching Journey with Alison I have been able to start my dream company ‘Love Out Loud’ to eventually work for myself, anywhere in the world with the flexibility that I want at the age of 23!  I now feel more confident, have raised my positivity to send out bigger ripples of love into the world and I have learned to love myself at each present moment.’

Colleen Gallagher, Love out Loud Limited, CG International and Global Citizens University

VIP 1:1 Coaching

‘I recently received an Akashic Healing with Alison as well as being a participant of her Conscious Business Circle. She is a refreshing breath of fresh air in the world of coaches. Her integrity and sincerity is profound. Each session is delivered with both excellence and professionalism. I received so many business breakthroughs -one major problem I had been mulling over for months I now feel is fully cleared after just one session! I don’t hesitate to recommend to work with Alison if you have/are an intuitive and heart-centred entrepreneur.’ Carol Sundara

The Conscious Business Circle / Akashic Healing

‘Alison has helped me grow my Business and believed in me the whole way. The support and guidance has been next level. I actually dont kow where my Business would be without her, and this is only the beginning. So exciting!’

Beck Thompson

The Accelerator MasterCircle

‘Alison provided so much clarity to my life and business that it was ridiculous!! I can’t even begin to explain how much I have grown working with Alison and I’m on a VERY clear path to my future. Alison is always there for you, caring, kind, but still gets you to achieve. Her approach is very unique and it works wonderfully.’

Leesa Watt

The Accelerator MasterCircle


Experience Tonia’s thoughts and successes through investing in the Conscious Creation Business Accelerator – she loved it so much she did it twice!

Tonia van den Bosch

The Conscious Creation Business Accelerator


‘My 12 week journey with Alison really helped me to solidify and get clear on my direction regarding who I came here to serve.

The Conscious Creation Business Accelerator became a safe, judgement free, space where I could walk through and go through some of my toughest personal and professional months of 2018.

When you work for yourself you really can’t put a dollar value on having somewhere who you can share your fears with and have someone create a warm, caring, space for you to come to.

It was through navigating through this shadow with Alison and the other amazing ladies who took part that I was able to fully align myself with my wider mission to revolutionise the way we look at Mental Health.

I am stepping into 2019 completely aligned with and sure of my direction and where I am wanting to head. It has made the decision to return to study so much easier because I know that it is completely on track with where I am wanting to head and go.

Alison makes herself so incredibly available. She was always there when I needed to bounce something off of her. She pushed me in all the right ways whilst also hearing me when I wasn’t in a position to go much further for that moment. She takes feedback incredibly well and she is so full of pure intention for her clients. Wanted to deliver the best results that she can.

I highly recommend working with her if you want someone with the business know how but also the intuitive ability to see through your layers to what is really going on underneath. Thank you so much I really appreciate where this journey has taken me.’ Hannah Joy, Spirit Conduit and Mental Health Clairvoyant

Conscious Creation Business Accelerator

I had the pleasure of working with the beautiful Alison Callan and it truly was such a heartwarming experience.

Alison holds such a loving, encouraging and open space for you to talk about your goals, challenges and ideas surrounding your business in such a highly supportive way. She gave me such practical tools, ideas, methods and a whole brand new understanding of how to grow, structure and streamline my business more effectively.

Whether you are a brand new entrepreneur or you have been in the game for awhile, Alison is your go-to girl for consciously creating the life you deserve within your business. I have so much love, respect and trust for what Alison does and I highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to say YES to consciously creating the life and business of their dreams.

Thank you lovely xo’ Jessica Ellen

Conscious Creation Business Accelerator

‘Just wanted to say a massive thank you to you Alison, you are such an amazing coach and friend. You have helped me push through fears, limiting beliefs and helped me gain clarity and focus within my business for which I am eternally grateful for. I was struggling with clarity, motivation and direction and you have really helped me define where I want to take my business and what is most important for me to be working on. The systems you have and the questions you ask to help move forward are so valuable and have changed my life. Thank you eternally.’ Rachael Hughes

Conscious Creation Business Accelerator & VIP 1:1

‘Who here is sometimes overwhelmed by all the things they need to do?? ME!! Sometimes I don’t even know where to start!

But thanks to Alison Callan’s Mindset Pathway, things have become way easier for me, to consciously plan and create! She is the queen of planning and she makes it so fun, natural and powerful!Everyday I fill out her Mindset Pathway to help me be focused and productive!I love how it starts off with checking in with yourself to see what’s alive in one self… what emotions need to be untangled and how redirect them in a elevated way.

I love to be able to work though whatever is going on, then let it go and then rewire my neural pathway for that day!

Her pathway is the perfect combination of conscious, strategic and intuitive planning and manifesting!

Going from slightly overwhelmed to feeling like a Queen on top of my game!!’

Léa Vendrami

The Conscious Business Circle

‘My introduction to Alison came via a close friend a month and a half ago. I actually can’t believe the change that has occurred in my life since then, much under the guidance of Alison.
Alison has been instrumental in focusing my attention to what really matters in life, both professionally and personally. She has held the mirror to some of my behaviours and perceptions that has allowed me to accept change in my life.
My journey started when I wanted to explore the options of transitioning out of “the day job”, to something that I have immense respect for, the science of yoga. Through Alison’s guidance I have shifted yoga being a personal practice to the possibility of becoming my vocation in my life.
I am well on the path to clearly defining where I want to be in life and how I want to live it. Through Alison’s guidance and exacting focus I now teach yoga (asana practice), have undertaken additional studies, and have shifted my perspective of life. Admittedly, you have to be ready for change. Alison is a very dynamic, consummate professional who will ask the hard questions, and make you search for the results- which, from my perspective is where lasting transformation takes place.
I would highly recommend Alison as a professional/ life coach. She’s exacting and challenges your thinking and approach to your career/ life. If you are are looking for change, and guidance to make that change, get in touch with Alison.

Annie Colebrook

Life and Style / Career and Business Coaching

‘When I approached Alison, I was overwhelmed, frustrated, and exhausted. I had a great reputation as a hypnotherapist amongst existing clients and friends, but no idea how to collate my desire for business-growth into time-focussed action steps. Adding to this was a seeming inability to respect my own professional boundaries, plus a looming public speaking event which had placed me directly in the path of one of my biggest fears.

Alison’s approach immediately blew me away. Before meeting we were already focussing on my needs. Upon meeting, she identified where my attention would wander and would pull it back mindfully. It was like being reminded why I wanted to be a hypnotherapist in the first place. It was a relief to have permission to focus on my needs for a change. The clarity and focus came back fast.

From the discussions came the action steps. This was what I had wanted and Alison delivered fearlessly yet with heart. I was shaky at first and terrified of the public speaking event, but I took the steps recommended. Momentum and clarity grew and Alison’s support never wavered.

By the time I reached the speaking event I was ready. The fear didn’t go away but it was no longer crippling. I spoke on a very esoteric subject, and can’t begin to tell you how amazing it was to receive not only compliments but follow-up enquiries to my practise days later.

As I write this, business is growing. I take daily action steps and am booking new clients. I have identified the exact market I wish to serve and have tweaked my practise accordingly. I respect my boundaries and time. I have focus, clarity, drive, and passion. I’m actively seeking speaking events. I have a very clear action plan and structured goals. I have zero doubt these goals will be met.

In short, Alison Callan has completely changed the scope and direction of not only my Holistic Hypnotherapy practise but my approach to life.

I cannot recommend Alison highly enough. If you’re sitting on the fence, I urge you to call her. I have no hesitation in putting my professional name to such a bold statement. It’s possible I wouldn’t be operating under it without her. Malcolm Wilson, Founder of Inner Transitions Hypnoenergetics

Career and Business Coaching

I first saw Alison six months ago regarding my business stresses and work/life balance, or so I thought. I was stressed, anxious and generally operating in survival mode. What has transpired since that first meeting has been nothing short of a miracle.

Alison has carefully and skilfully guided me through thought provoking sessions challenging my entrenched beliefs and ideals on happiness and the future. She has provided clarity to such a level that it has absolutely transformed my life.

I now have a zest for life that I never knew existed. I awaken every day with a happiness, drive and energy that I’d never had before and I am excited about my future.

I will always be grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Alison and cannot recommend her more highly. I believe every person could do with an Alison in their life.’

Paula Keats, Mana Property Law

Career & Business Coaching, Mindfulness & Wellness Coaching, Life & Style Coaching

‘You are one amazing lady and you came into my life at the exact right time. Amazing things are now happening in my life since meeting up with you… You’re the start of something fabulous. Thank you!’

Alli Paris

Mindfulness & Wellness, Life & Style and Career & Business Coaching

‘Alison is an amazing coach! From the first moment I met her she had an incredible way of making you feel at ease and quickly gets to the crux of the issue. Alison’s not afraid of asking the hard questions to make you think and at every session I came away with exactly what I needed at the time. I would recommend Alison to anyone who needs to rethink where they are and what they want to achieve. Thanks so much Alison.’

Rachel Rogers

Career, Mindfulness and Wellness, Life and Style Coaching

‘Alison is a wonderful sounding board, a great critical thinker who works with her clients to help them sift through their needs, goals and opportunities – and any current challenges – to determine what life, business or next chapter that they want to create.

She is compassionate but straight up with her questions and insights, which allows people to to focus truly on what and why they have chosen the goals and dreams that they have – and what actions feel like the right ones, right now to move towards their goals.

She is both a great facilitator of small groups and excellent for 1:1 planning sessions and I highly recommend her to anyone.’ Catherine Wilson

Career & Business Coaching, Mindfulness & Wellness Coaching, Life & Style Coaching

‘When I started working with Alison it was around 6 months after I had lost my husband very suddenly.  I was in a very bleak place and was feeling completely lost.

I had previously worked with Alison and had a great respect for her.  We had continued to remain in touch and over coffee she gave me a lightbulb moment.  I decided to work with her again to help me reshape a life that I hadn’t chosen and to try and make sense of what had happened.

One fundamental area we worked on was recognising what were my own beliefs and values and those that belonged to others.  Words was another key area that we looked at and it was quite amazing the positive effect of the process of looking at words and phrases I used a lot, the impact they had, and then choosing to change them.

Alison was so supportive of my journey and I know I have made a friend.  I would definitely  work with Alison again as my life goes through other changes and would encourage others to get in touch and find out how she can help and support you

I have truly been equipped with tools to help me consciously make choices to enable me to be my best self and live my best life.’ Carey Buck

VIP 1:1 Coaching

‘Alison was asked to implement a mindfulness pilot as part of our regional wellness initiative – she was professional, listened to our needs and created two successful workshops. Feedback from attendees has been extremely positive. They are more self-aware and discovered effective tools and strategies to help better manage themselves in challenging situations.


Mindfulness Consultation, Facilitation & Coaching

I am a big fan of prompts and reminders and believe they are crucial particularly during times of change and transformation. And this is why I love Alison’s work. Alison has been very clever in creating her Mindful Mindset Magnets as a tool to help remind us where we are on our journey. Right now, I am welcoming abundance and finding clarity – on a daily basis – thanks to Alison and her magnets 

Kylie Angove, Say it Sista

Mindful Mindset Magnets

One word – Amazing! Alison has the skill of being able to challenge your thinking, strengthen your belief system, and encourage curiosity to support your personal and/or professional growth. Her easy going, supportive nature ensures that she is relatable and can easily adapt to being the kind of coach you need. Alison’s passion for mindfulness and coaching people, to be the best they can be, is truly inspiring!

Sarah Jimmieson

Mindfulness Presentation / Team Workshop / Career and Mindfulness Coaching

Loooove what Alison does! I attended one of her workshops recently and it was exactly what I needed. I walked away feeling humbled, grateful and inspired. Thank you Alison for creating such a creative and inspiring space for us ladies to shine!

Rachael Palmer, Dreamality & Jump Photography

Clarity, Connection & Wellbeing Workshop

‘As our world becomes busier and faster, and we try to pack more into our day, it can be easy to get caught up in the race and feel over-whelmed by our ‘do-to’ lists.  Because we spend our day nurturing the well-being of children (as both parents and teachers), we know it’s important that we also take care of our own health and well-being, so we were looking for ways to bring more calmness and balance into our lives. Alison was the answer! 

She spoke to us about the benefits of mindfulness and took us through some guided relaxation exercises, which were a real treat after a busy day.  Alison helped us ground ourselves, by showing us how to create calm moments in our day and be more present and intentional in our interactions.  She also gave us some tools for slowing down and bringing more happiness and gratitude into our lives. 

It was really beneficial for us to participate in her workshops as a team, so we could re-visit the key concepts together and encourage each other to make positive changes.  If you feel like your team needs greater cohesion or a bit of a boost, then I would highly recommend Alison.  Her presence was like a breath of fresh air.’

Rebecca Miller, Team Leader at Mount Cook Preschool

Mindfulness Presentation / Team Workshop, Mount Cook Preschool

If you want to move forward with your life supported with a tailor made program then this is the person for you. The sessions of mindfulness our teaching team have had with Alison have had a profoundly positive impact on each member both professionally and personally. She has enlightened us with skills for life, for which we will be eternally grateful!

Rose Duffy

Mindfulness Presentation / Team Workshop

‘I’ve have had 3 transforming sessions with Alison via Skype.
In the spirit of mindfulness I’ve been in a different place each time, sometimes work has been on my mind, other times relationships. She’s taken each challenge and turned my perspective on it around and given me the tools to do that myself in every area of my life. I look forward to our sessions and the thoughtfully considered notes I receive after to reaffirm my learning. These are something I know I’ll refer back to time and time again.

I feel like I’ve done lots of good mental spiritual work on myself in the past through reading, meditating and seeing the odd therapist along the way :o)

Alison’s sessions though have surprised, delighted and enlightened me and given me hope that things can always get better.’

Dara Wakely

Life and Style / Career and Business / Mindfulness and Wellness Coaching

‘Coaching with Alison is a truly enjoyable experience. She is professional, fully committed, and put me at ease straight away. I’ve had 5 coaching sessions, which helped me clearly focus my goals and develop realistic actions to work towards them.

Alison was able to challenge my thinking, as well as help me celebrate my success along the way.  

I would recommend Alison to anyone seeking personal coaching, whether it is career or lifestyle focused. Thanks for all your guidance Alison – I especially loved the mindful breathing to begin coaching and the guided meditation.’


Life and Style / Career and Business / Mindfulness and Wellness Coaching

‘Alison, you have done some amazing work with ‘Jane’. We haven’t talked about her session but I’ve observed her making some wonderful decisions towards her purpose since talking with you. I am so so happy for her. Great job!’


Fertility Potentials,

‘Alison came to give our teachers a brief insight into Mindfulness. She was professional, well-organised and a pleasure to work with. It was a fantastic start to our Wellness Weekend which our teachers throughly enjoyed. Both preschools now have small mindful rituals which they have incorporated into their days.’

Jo Ward, Owner Farmhouse Preschools

Mindfulness Workshop & Emerging Mindful Leader Workshop

‘Alison developed good understanding, good link to my personality type. Insightful questions… I like how you allowed me to “find my voice”. We touched on some of my deepest fears and insecurities, I feel I really opened up to you.’

‘Far out that was impressive. An incredibly helpful and positive session.  So many great moments.  Really looking forward to getting ‘reset’ to help remove/reduce the self doubts. I love the way you ‘clear things away’, and help me find my own answers.’ Graham

Career and Business Coaching

Alison is an incredible coach and will help you find your inner strength and courage to help you move forward on your goals, her confidence becomes your own. Coaching with Alison is a truly transformative experience.


Life and Style Coaching

Alison has such an ability to meet you where you are, to help you get to the essence of what it is that you are experiencing, and she coaches from a place of integrity, heart, and skill.

Sanna Heyman

Mindfulness & Wellness Coaching

Alison truly has a heart centered approach to her coaching. She is genuine and caring in her support of assisting you in attaining your goals.

Denyse Jones, CZT, SCF

Mindfulness & Wellness Coaching

Coaching with Alison felt nurturing, and helped to give me strength and inspiration to carry on in the right direction towards my ultimate goal. A fond memory of one of my coaching exercises is the little postcard I made.
I had it pinned up on my desk. I chose various images that I found inspirational. Travel was important to me, as it signified my freedom. I had an unhappy childhood, and longed for escape. But I wasn’t really sure of where I wanted to go! I really just wanted to find happiness, but didn’t know what to do or where to go to find it. I really wanted to travel the world from a young age, but had found as an adult that I hadn’t managed to get very far, or find much happiness. I chose Rome as a destination, coz you’ve gotta start somewhere! There was a signpost to Rome on my postcard, and various forms of travel I could use to get there, including Doc Martens boots. I had always felt safe wearing a decent, sturdy pair of shoes. Before I could drive, I used to walk everywhere! There was a Mini car – I had always wanted a Mini. And a dragon! The dragon could be a form of transport, and a protector along my journey. Having survived a traumatic past, although I had suffered and often still struggled with life, I felt an affinity to the dragon – I was tough and strong. I was a survivor! Having the postcard up on the wall gave me inspiration to follow my dreams, and to carry on in my quest to seek happiness Helen

Life and Style / Career and Business Coaching

Alison has a kind, warm, generous presence that quickly engenders a sense of trust and a sense of knowing that she has your support and best interest in mind.

Brittany Rose

Mindfulness & Wellness Coaching

Alison is the outpicturing of coaching in action. She has been willing to stretch into and accomplish her dreams and uses what she has learned to inspire and support others.

Christy Endicott

Mindfulness & Wellness Coaching