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Why Getting An Expert Into Your Life And Business Is A Necessity!

Why Getting An Expert Into Your Life And Business Is A Necessity!

When you are sick, you do not self diagnose, you go see a Doctor. Who is an expert at getting you well again.


When your car is faulty you do not tinker with it to try and figure it out, you go to an expert a Mechanic to do what they do best and get your vehicle road worthy again.


When you have an issue with your plumbing, heating or electrics, you go seek out a professional to get the job done right the first time and well, so you are safe, compliant and covered.


So why is it when you start out in Business you think that you do not need an expert to help you establish yourself?


This is the normal behaviour and thinking of what I see, to go it alone and struggle. So, I would like to tell you why you are making a vital mistake with this logic.


Your business is an expression of you. You are the most important person in your life and this soul business you are establishing is not only being created to bring you an income to support all your material needs, it is bringing vitality to your life force too.


When you are designing a purposeful Business why would you put yourself on hold, or in the practise arena. When you can seek out an expert to build you and your business in a shorter, more efficient and effective time. So that you can start reaping the benefits of this new found freedom?


I used to be safe with my money, I used to make sure I didn’t over extend myself. Until one day I realised I couldn’t keep putting myself last in the priorities, or waiting to make money before spending it.


When you are designing a purposeful Business why would you put yourself on hold, or in the practise arena. When you can seek out an expert to build you and your business in a shorter, more efficient and effective time. So that you can start reaping the benefits of this new found freedom?


I invested in a Coach to be the expert in business to support me to get my brand, my life and my expertise crafted quickly, efficiently and practically.


This was not only an investment in a coach but in myself and my future.


I can tell you that I never regretted this investment because quite simply I am the very best investment I can ever make, because I’m a sure thing. Counting on myself and working on myself will always be critical to my success, and learning from experts as I go is fundamental.


When you invest like this and show the world you are stepping up, the world steps up to meet you where you are at, it is expansive and extraordinary. This is quite simply what you’ve been willing into existence, but you have to show your commitment to be able to receive your match.


So tell me….


• Do you believe you are a sure thing?
• Are you worth investing in?
• Is there anyone else out there that’s an expert you could learn from?
• Are you terrified to back yourself?


Whether you say yes or no to any or all of those questions it doesn’t matter because I can tell you right now, You are a sure thing, you are worthy of investing in and there is always someone ahead of you in the game that you can learn from and of course you’re always a little terrified to back yourself because failing is scary and so is succeeding, believe it or not!


If you have a desire to be in a purposeful business but are lost as to what that looks like, then I am the expert to help you. I can see intuitively what you bring to the world and the potential and possibilities to create something magical. Just check out my testimonials.


And, if you have a conscious business that you are looking to begin, design, build, develop or scale then I am the expert to support you to bring even more of yourself to the world successfully with immense clarity. Just check out my Conscious Creation Business Accelerator, or book in to discuss working with me


The only decision you really have to make is, are you ready to step into who you are becoming?


Yes or no? Find your expert to help you – simple as that!


So, tell me because I am so curious to know, what do you currently need an expert for in your Business or Life?


With Gratitude always,



Alison Callan is The Clarity and Success Coach for Aspiring Entrepreneurs, as well as an Internationally Accredited Coach and Mindfulness Consultant, Facilitator, Speaker and #1 Best Selling Co-Author of the book ‘You Are Meant For More’.

Alison is committed to helping You mindfully align with your mission to create Conscious Business with Purpose, Confidence and Ease. So that you live a life you love and deserve with Clarity through Conscious Creation.


Check out more on Alison Callan on her WebsiteFacebook and LinkedIn pages, or schedule a Discovery call to work with Alison now.

Have you been burnt by a ‘Coach?’

Have you been burnt by a ‘Coach?’

I used to cringe at the title ‘Life Coach’, in fact I actively tried everything to avoid using it.


I even got accredited to stand out as a governed and regulated coach in the field to be with the best coaching regulatory body, the International Coach Federation.


I used to see all over social media Coaches popping up offering their value, their unique funnels, systems and programs to get you virtually anything you wanted.


Now let’s be honest, how many of those free sign ups hooked you in because their words and content were just so appealing and you couldn’t resist giving it a try?


I know I bought into the freebies, webinars and challenges in my early days. Yet I never opened any of their genius optins or workbooks and I rarely ever made the webinars live.


Because honestly, I knew the outcome was going to be an upsell, a way to try and get me into a program or something.


Not that there is anything wrong with this, these systems work, and I’ve experienced enough and learnt about them that I honestly know that they can and do. Just not all of them.


Now this process became synonymous to me with the word ‘Coach’ and for me, it didn’t feel right.


Coaching in my book is exploring the depths of a person’s soul and beliefs and experiences to support them to find their own strength and system to manage their way to success. This begins with clarity of what their version of success looks like. And I do not believe there is a system or funnel that can work exactly the same way for everyone. Especially not empaths and intuitives.


There are programs that can share knowledge and teach you to grow and expand your perceptions and thinking, but they cannot speak directly to the soul of each person uniquely without a measure of 1:1 connection with a personal Coach.


Now there are some amazing Coaches, and I know a lot of them, so this is in no way negative to those in the profession, or those who use systems and funnels, everyone has to work in their own unique way. Now, that is what I advocate for.


However my experience has been that for me there was always a disconnect, and I know for a lot of other people too with the over used and confused term of ‘Coach’.


The way in which I ‘Coach’ was always very different, that I honestly didn’t want to conform to a term that seems diluted.


I decided to go out to my clients at the time of starting my business and I asked them what they thought I stood for and what results they got through my unique ways of Coaching.


Each one of them came back with the terms of receiving great Clarity & Success. And that is how I coined the term and title of ‘The Global Clarity & Success Coach.’ It was delivered to me by my Clients.


Why am I telling you all this?


It’s because I have had some discovery calls recently with some sensitive and empathic souls who are here to make a difference in the world. But, they have been burnt. They have been burnt through buying into the funnels, programs and systems or promises from ‘Coaches’ who they thought would care and help them get their Clarity and Success and they were let down.


This has honestly broken my heart.


Yet, having spoken to me about what is different with my group coaching and 1:1 programs they have opened up to trusting me to get them the results they need, personally and professionally.


So, what was the difference that I made to them?


They all said that they felt I cared, that I could see the soul and purpose in their mission and they believed I’d have their back. Because let’s face it, designing your life or business or career is a holistic process.


To me, they felt heard, understood and supported, which is how everyone deserves to feel when they invest in me and themselves.


They are not another acquisition to me, they are not a number. They are souls with purpose, pain, experience and challenges and I sure as hell see them, feel them and support them.


I see their potential, their light and dark and I see the connection. I feel it.


If you have been burnt by other Coaches, Coaching Programs or unfulfilled promises, or courses with no substance and you have been on the fence about trusting someone else to guide you I can honestly say please do not lose hope or sight of your vision.


You just haven’t found your Coach yet.


Finding the Right Coach for you!


We are not all the same and you need to do your research. Here are some questions to ask before jumping in with a Coach. Because I want you to feel empowered and worthy, so ask some or all of these:


• Who is this coach, what do they believe in and stand for?
• Do your values align?
• What promises or guarantees do they make to look after you?
• What is their experience, in life and business?
• How much time will they spend directly with you?
• What is their coaching style?
• How will they check in with you if you’re not showing up or following through?
• What advice do they give, versus coaching & mentoring? (It’s not all the same!)
• What will they do if you’re not satisfied?


You are entitled to understand them, to connect with them and feel into their genuineness, this is ok. If they are the right coach for you they will want you to care and be able to confidently respond, and they will answer their truth.


I am not the Coach for everyone and I appreciate that. Regardless I want you to feel empowered to find the right Coach for you as I believe everyone benefits from a Coach. Specifically the right Coach for them.


I got called ‘The Coach Who Cares’ the other day as a gorgeous soul was in tears, because she felt finally heard, safe and supported.


Now that is the connection you need to make with your Coach.


In my group program you get personalised time, you get your chance to be coached every single week by a coach who cares, by a coach who gets to know you and is invested in you as much as you are. I want to see and feel my clients get success, feel clarity and drive their own results because they have the beliefs and tools to do so, their way.


Yes, I can teach you the funnels, the systems and programs yet I’ll encourage you to do it your way, to break the rules to follow your intuition and inner guidance to get you your version of success. I’ll cry with you, laugh with you and lovingly kick your butt if you need it. But I won’t leave you alone when you need me the most even if you think you want me to. I’ve got your back and business.


Learn more about the Conscious Creation Business Accelerator now.


So if you want to interview me, to check out my vibes and energy then book in to have a chat, let me show you how different I am from every other ‘Coach’.


I’d love the opportunity to support you to Consciously Create your vision, your way!


With Gratitude always,



Alison Callan is The Clarity and Success Coach for Aspiring Entrepreneurs, as well as an Internationally Accredited Coach and Mindfulness Consultant, Facilitator, Speaker and #1 Best Selling Co-Author of the book ‘You Are Meant For More’.

Alison is committed to helping You mindfully align with your mission to create Conscious Business with Purpose, Confidence and Ease. So that you live a life you love and deserve with Clarity through Conscious Creation.


Check out more on Alison Callan on her WebsiteFacebook and LinkedIn pages, or schedule a Discovery call to work with Alison now.

Fit Fab Mum – The Story of Jade getting Vulnerable & Visible!

Fit Fab Mum – The Story of Jade getting Vulnerable & Visible!

I have been working with Jade and Kimberley for a while now on building, launching and understanding their unique vision for their awesome business Fit Fab Mum.


These women, like so many I work with, are mirroring the journey I walked, and not that long ago.


They felt, lost, overwhelmed, doubtful of themselves and their vision and whether they could make it happen.


Yet when I met them and heard what they were creating and they shared with me everything they were passionate about I could see their joy light them up.


To me it was clear this was going to be magic, and I knew I could support them to reach their goals.


As intuitive empaths, we feel a lot, yet we also create a lot and as a result we get overloaded and when we cannot keep up with our demands, especially when we feel we have found our purpose we start to shake and the doubt comes crashing down around us.


I know this because I’ve been there. So when things do not go exactly as we’d like, as empaths we feel this doubt even more so than others and all our attention goes to the doubt.


Kimberley and Jade didn’t want to doubt, didn’t want to struggle and fumble in the dark any longer trying to figure out business on their own. So they started to work with me, to support them in a holistic business VIP coaching program to reach the goals they set for themselves in successfully creating and launching their business.


The transformation in them since we have been working together has been incredible,


  •  their business is truly established,
  • ✨ it is professional,
  •  it is structured and has robust systems,
  •  unshakeable client journeys and
  •  boundaries and values and solid relationship structures between them as partners.
  •  They have forged incredible collaborations, with Celebrities and reputable brands,
  •  They have approached media, and written media templates and releases
  •  they understand content structure and strategies for communication and value
  •  they are becoming ambassadors for charities and
  •  they have such awareness of how to create launches and where they feel in tune with launching and
  •  Knowing what their business will be offering
  •  they are building their business their way with integrity and substance.


That’s not to say along the way that there haven’t been challenges, just like with my journey there have been wobbles, but thankfully they had each other – and they had me. I was able to reassure them, guide them, support and coach them to a solution that worked for them each and every time where they felt empowered and in alignment with where they wanted to be.


I cannot tell you how proud I am of them and seeing this post from Jade today made my heart sing because all the above is great, BUT….


You cannot build a business with out unshakeable BELIEF in yourself and this was the last piece of their puzzle. Here is what Jade wrote having read my book ‘You Are Meant For More:


Enjoying some relaxing reading time while Savannah & Matt swim ☺️📖
Reading my business coach Alison Callans chapter in #youaremeantformore! Wow! Completely resonate and sharing her experiences of her journey to success (as a mum of 2 young children) inspires my own journey 🙌🏼
“A big part of building a business is the evolution of self, the realisation that you need to be seen, heard and explored through the most critical of eyes, your own!”
Time to consciously choose to stop playing small, believe in my abilities to serve and be a beacon of light, acknowledge my wins AND most importantly get vulnerable! 💕👌🏼🤩
Watch this space FIT FAB MUM 👯‍♀️


Now, she has this…. well, watch out world Fit Fab Mum is coming! And so are Jade and Kimberley.


Please do support Jade and Kimberly and check out their page FIT FAB MUM and join their group!


So much love, gratitude and celebration for these amazing women xoxoxo


Naomi Wengier – The Magic of Investing in Yourself

Naomi Wengier – The Magic of Investing in Yourself

I remember getting the discovery call request through from Naomi, and actually contacting her to see if she really wanted to go ahead and talk with me because everything she was saying in her responses to my discovery questions was so guarded and unsure I wasn’t convinced she actually wanted to meet with me.


I am so glad I got curious and asked her to open up, as opposed to taking her at face value because she has been the most heart felt, genuine, willing and responsive client I have had the pleasure of working with, and we have gone all in, and her results show exactly that!


When we started working together Naomi was terrified, scared of her potential, the distance between who she was showing up as and who she knew she was capable of being, and what in fact was holding her back from taking those steps in business and personally letting her walls down. Not to mention she had no idea how she was going to pay her bills, let alone me.


She started though, she invested in herself and she trusted me to support her, she opened up to me, she kept talking, she used our time wisely and she listened and took action even through her discomfort. She allowed the challenges to be enjoyable and she allowed herself to grow, be vulnerable, to learn and she began to find the fun in business again and she stopped struggling with everything so much.


As a result clients became attracted to what she had to offer because she was being herself, and getting Creative, she was infusing her work with her magic, she was designing her business around her lifestyle and keeping her heart happy and it payed off. Boy, it paid off!


Not only did Naomi smash her personal best in monthly income for February in 3 weeks of us working together but she did it with ease, and she has more quotes and possibilities out there for conversion than before as well as collaborations.


She has been asked to speak at events and she is being recognised as the connector and collaborator that she is.


This woman is more than even she knows – yet the Universe is rewarding her and showing up to give her the rewards and surprises that she deserves, how special is that.


Here is exactly what Naomi posted on her profile to mark and celebrate her own success,


Feeling extremely grateful and humbled this week. A month ago, I was in a state of panic and anxiety not knowing how I was going to pay my rent. I was Googling ‘Should I quit my business’ (I know right) and starting to think about taking on casual work. Instead of letting fear kick my ass, I stepped forward. I hired an amazing business coach, raised my rates, set a goal and started going out and building connections. This week I hit and exceeded that goal, and tonight I was extremely lucky to win Blended Businesses $500 fuel voucher. $500 worth of fuel! It’s the times that you want to quit that you need to fight harder, because after those growth pains comes the magic. And this is proof 💕 Never stop chasing your dreams!


And what’s even more magic? I get to work with her, and see her help incredible Business owners get their Copy sorted once and for all.


So if you have been needing to get your Communication, marketing and website sorted, then this woman can get to the heart of what you need to speak to your ideal client, go check out Naomi Wengier at NW Creative.


There is so much love and magic in this empathic intuitives hands, congratulations Naomi!


Tereza Wolf – Taking a hobby and turning it into a profitable Business!

Tereza Wolf – Taking a hobby and turning it into a profitable Business!

At the end of last year Tereza had begun to create the concept of her business as an Intuitive Witch (how cool is that?).


She was so excited, that she had done 2 readings but she wasn’t sure what to focus on next to get visible, which she was resisting, build her brand and attract awesome clients to support. She had a handful of people in a facebook group but she wasn’t showcasing her business at all for fear of judgement and she was playing a lot smaller than she deserved.


She knew she wanted to accelerate her business, but was getting caught up in the overwhelm of perfectionism and comparing herself to other spiritual entrepreneurs, which wasn’t helping her get to where she needed to be on her own merits and gifts. Figuring it out alone was keeping her stuck.


Taking control of the situation and investing in herself and her business, on a recommendation from a friend, she booked in with me for a discovery call.


She felt aligned with getting a coach because she wanted to have a business, not a hobby, which was exactly where she felt she was existing in December 2018.


When Tereza and I met she was really clear about what she thought she wanted and needed to progress in business:


  • 🔮 She wanted me to keep her accountable and be on top of the issues she usually would fall into worrying about distracting her from what she actually needed to be doing.
  • 🔮 As well as devising a plan for her Intuitive business and what felt right to support its expansion.
  • 🔮 Support with building her audience, her brand and getting comfortable being visible.
  • 🔮 As well as having a stable and exciting income to support her.

After our 1:1, Tereza was ready to dive right in to the Conscious Creation Business Accelerator.


She was so committed, with the time difference between the UK and Australia she reworked her schedule to attend the weekly calls and prepared each week to have worked on her personalised actions, even when it felt scary!


Tereza loved the community feel of the Conscious Creation Business Accelerator, and was a natural bright and fun light in the group.


Initially though she was using me as just a Business resource until she finally accepted that her personal life affected the energy of her Business.


When she started to open-up and use me and the program as a fully integrated holistic place to go to discuss her whole life and business, she began to really thrive and take incredible inspired actions.


This was a turning point for Tereza, she began to message me 24/7, as I had said I committed to being there, about anything, which Tereza said was so much like having a best friend/mum in your pocket not just a coach!


This support between the weekly calls, as well as the connections in the group itself, was exactly what Tereza was needing, access to like-minded entrepreneurs to surround and support her fully.


Tereza has now graduated from the 12 week Conscious Creation Business Accelerator, and it is fair to say she certainly has a business not a hobby!


Check out her achievements:


  • 🏆 Tereza launched a VIP mentorship program Revive & Rectify, where she has clients booking in and paying in full
  • 🏆 She has a group weekly subscription program, The Coven Club, which was a sell out in its first launch and is thriving, as are her clients
  • 🏆 She has rebranded her readings to be more in alignment with her energy and the delivery of experience she wants to give her clients.
  • 🏆 She has an open Facebook profile successfully showcasing all of her genius and she is fully unapologetically expressing her Intuitive Witch and Business
  • 🏆 She has a Facebook Group with over 100 engaged members, wheres she doing live videos every other day!
  • 🏆 Has been in a Virtual Global Summit, on Podcasts, asked to collaborate in other Facebook groups
  • 🏆She has been running group challenges with amazing results and content!
  • 🏆 Built a client journey and processes and contracts and templates to be streamlined and more productive.
  • 🏆The perfectionism attitude has gone, and now she knows what actually matters to gain visibility and traction in her business.


Now her life and business are thriving, she is working in her energetic field of what feels right for her to move and progress her business with confidence.


She now knows that giving too much away for free for fear of providing services and deserving payments in exchange isn’t an inadequate mindset and isn’t serving her. She is deserving, and has found a beautiful balance between free value and service which feels right to her, and has improved the consistency and quality of her paid work and clientele.


Valuing herself is so vital and important. Business is no longer a hobby and she is no longer a newbie, she’s someone people look up to and respect in business and seek guidance from.


Tereza is now working on designing a new group program, as well as delivering on the successful launches she’s already had and planning ahead for. She is missing the Conscious Creation Business Accelerator, but wont be for long as she’s planning on doing it all again!!!!


And I for one, cannot wait!!!


I couldn’t be prouder of the woman and business Tereza has created for herself, she is an inspiration and a fun one at that!


Despite her wobbles and challenges, she never gave up even when she felt like it, she learnt to go easy on herself and begin to make requests for what she needed and was able to feel deserving on receiving.


In 12 weeks, Tereza has come so far, and this is literally the beginning.


Are you a Conscious women in business looking to refresh your vibes and reach your next level or you are looking to take your hobby biz to your next level, the Conscious Creation Business Accelerator is for you!


Be like Tereza, imagine 12 weeks from now having reached your goals….. feels incredible doesn’t it?


Click here to get started on your next level!


And if you’re in need of an Intuitive Witch (trust me you are!), I cannot recommend Tereza Wolf enough! Check her out here .