Navigating Boundaries: A Guide for Empathic Entrepreneurs

Navigating Boundaries: A Guide for Empathic Entrepreneurs

Are you an empathic entrepreneur on the cusp of launching your dream business? Congratulations on taking this courageous step towards realising your vision of making a positive impact in the world! As you embark on this exciting journey, it’s important to address a crucial issue that many empathic entrepreneurs encounter –  navigating boundaries.


Empathic entrepreneurs possess a natural inclination towards compassion, understanding, and support. While these qualities are invaluable in building meaningful connections and delivering exceptional service, they can also present challenges when it comes to setting and maintaining boundaries. Without clear boundaries, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed, drained, or unable to fully focus on your business goals.


Fortunately, by recognising the importance of boundaries and taking proactive steps to establish them, you can create a solid foundation for your business and pave the way for long-term success. Here are some essential steps to help you navigate boundaries effectively as you embark on your entrepreneurial journey:


1. Clarify Your Values and Priorities

Before diving into the details of your business, take some time to reflect on your core values and priorities. What do you stand for? What are your non-negotiables? By clarifying your values, you can gain clarity on what matters most to you and use this as a guiding compass when setting boundaries.


2. Define Your Boundaries

Once you have a clear understanding of your values, it’s time to define your boundaries. Identify areas where you may need to set limits, whether it’s in terms of time, energy, or resources. For example, you may need to establish boundaries around your work hours, client expectations, or personal time.


3. Communicate Effectively

Communication is key when it comes to setting and maintaining boundaries. Be open and honest with yourself and others about your needs, limitations, and expectations. Clearly communicate your boundaries to clients, colleagues, and stakeholders from the outset, and don’t be afraid to assert yourself when necessary.


4. Practice Self-Care

As an empathic entrepreneur, it is essential to prioritise self-care and well-being. Take regular breaks, engage in activities that recharge your batteries, and set aside time for relaxation and reflection. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup, so make self-care a non-negotiable part of your routine.


5. Seek Support

Don’t be afraid to reach out for support when you need it. Whether it’s from friends, family, or a trusted advisor or business coach, having a support system in place can provide invaluable guidance, encouragement, and accountability as you navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.


6. Learn to Say No

Saying no can be challenging, especially for empathic entrepreneurs who want to help everyone. However, learning to set boundaries and say no when necessary is essential for preserving your time, energy, and sanity. Remember, saying no to one thing means saying yes to something else – often, your own well-being.


7. Monitor and Adjust

Boundaries are not set in stone – they may need to be adjusted as you and your business grows and evolves. Regularly monitor your boundaries and assess whether they are still serving you effectively. Be willing to adjust and adapt as needed to ensure they continue to support your overall well-being and success.


By taking these steps to navigate boundaries effectively, you can create a solid foundation for your business and empower yourself to thrive as an empathic entrepreneur. Remember, setting boundaries is not about shutting people out – it’s about creating space for yourself to show up fully, authentically, and compassionately in your business and beyond. Embrace this journey with openness, courage, and self-compassion, and watch as your business flourishes in alignment with your values and vision.

Alison Callan is an international award-winning business clarity and success coach, renowned author, and a thought leader in the realm of entrepreneurial coaching. With a steadfast dedication to empowering entrepreneurs, Alison employs her expertise in clarity and mindfulness to help clients unlock their full potential and lead fulfilling, purpose-driven lives.

As a certified coach with the International Coach Federation and a member of the NLP Association, Alison leverages her extensive training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming to deliver transformative coaching experiences. Her mission is to support aspiring business owners in discovering their confidence, amplifying their visibility, and elevating their brands to thought leadership status. Through her unique approach, Alison ensures that her clients’ work transcends into an inspiring legacy that motivates others to reach their highest potential.

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Can anyone call themselves a coach?

Can anyone call themselves a coach?

Coaching is a relatively unregulated industry, so there are no specific requirements to become a life or business coach. Coaching is unlike councillors, therapists or financial advisors, all of whom are required to have a minimum level of education, training and or supervision and standards to qualify in their profession.


This makes it challenging when you search for a coach to know what to look for in a professional coach and who you can trust.


Let’s break it down because not all coaches are created equal, and you need to know what a coach is before researching whether that’s what you need.


What exactly is coaching?


Simply put, coaching is about helping someone achieve their personal or professional goals. A professional coach will help clients find clarity from within, find solutions to overcome their challenges, and ultimately accomplish their specified goals on their terms.


An accomplished professional coach will facilitate profound and lasting change in their clients’ lives by supporting them to dig deep within to their core and unlock their true potential.


Mentor, consultant, therapist or coach: What do you need to know?


Coaching can often be confused with other professional support so let’s break down the differences between coaches, mentors, consultants and therapists. Here’s what you need to know:



A mentor is the equivalent of a wise role model. Someone who has trodden the way ahead already will show you the same pathway to get ahead.


Unlike mentorship, where the mentor requests the mentee follow, a coach will ask the client where they want to go next.


A coach will help their client forge their pathway to their chosen destination, honouring that every journey is as individual as every client. Coaching isn’t about being directive and telling the client what to do to get the results or solution or reach a goal. Coaching honours the principle that everyone is unique, and one person’s way is not a guarantee for everyone to be successful following one path.



A consultant improves a situation, and a coach improves people.


Consultants get hired by teams, leaders, or organisations to find solutions to specific problems. A consultant is seen as an expert in that solution-focused capacity or industry and can advise and implement the chosen solution.


A coach doesn’t have to be an expert in an industry to coach a client because they do not draw on their own experiences as a model of success. Clients are the experts in their own lives and businesses, and coaching facilitates the clients to uncover their expertise.



A therapist will often work with their client to resolve issues from their past to support them to move from a state of dysfunction to fully functional in the present. This work can involve resolving trauma and conflict from the past to enable the client to heal in the present.


A coach will work in the present state with their client to create the future they desire, which is very much where a client is in their goal planning and vision casting and forward-thinking. A coach will support the client to identify and overcome any inner obstacles to create the future they desire, but the coaching doesn’t intently focus on only the past to bring them to the present.



A coach does not have an agenda, and they are impartial and non-judgmental and believe that their client knows what is best for them.


A coaching relationship is co-active, meaning it’s achieved in collaboration, solely focussing on the client’s wants. A coach will not be attached to any outcome or decision as they are entirely objective and hold their client’s vision in mind to constantly guide the client step by step to living their best life.


The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential. The results can be life-changing. Clients often say they’ve created a new outlook on life – finding inspiration, courage, confidence, and answers to long-burning questions within themselves.


Coaching is an unregulated industry: What do you need to know?


There is a reason why coaching has begun to be stereotyped as an industry that anyone can belong to, and it is a shame because professional coaching can be life-changing. Professional coaching provides a truly transformative space for people to make lasting changes in their lives and businesses through diving deep into self-awareness and unlocking their full potential. So how is it an unregulated industry?


Such a great question, and in short, it’s pretty unbelievable that anyone can call themselves a coach. However, it is essential to mention that professional coaches choose to be regulated by adhering to standards and ethics through an associated body (for example, the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Coaches who do this understand and believe in the need to regulate the coaching industry and uphold the very best in professionalism and code of conduct for their clients and profession.


But these days, it’s hard not to find someone who has had a poor experience with a coach, hence the stereotype.


In truth, it is not always the coach alone who is responsible for this stereotype. As stated earlier, coaching is a co-active approach where the client and coach collaborate in partnership, and that’s where the client needs to bear responsibility for being educated in their role and responsibilities before entering into a partnership.


Many clients believe that working with a coach will support them in achieving their goals; however, they fail to recognise that they are the implementers of the actions they create and therefore must work on between coaching sessions. Unlike consultants, a coach will not do the work for you. Unlike a mentor, they are not giving you a one size fits all pathway to follow.


Coaching results depend on the commitment and actions of both the client and the coach. So the clients equally need to uphold their commitment to the partnership.


Because the industry is unregulated, it is essential to note that just because a professional coach has not chosen to accreditation with an association like the ICF, it does not automatically mean that they are not a good coach. So it would be best if you did thorough research.


How to find a quality professional coach?


Firstly, you need to confirm that you’re looking for a professional coach initially – not a mentor, therapist, or consultant. Then you can begin to find a quality professional.


With the coaching industry swamped and unregulated, you must do your research and take your time choosing the right coach for you because it is an investment in time and money. Here are a few ways to get ahead in finding the right coach for you:


  • One of the best ways to get started and find a quality professional is by asking around and getting recommendations. You will hear negative and positive feedback, and the more you listen to it, the closer you are to hearing that one reason that will bond you to one coach and not the other.


  • Interview a few coaches, ask them questions about how they would support you, how they describe their work and what a coaching session or program with them would look like, for example. It is crucial to build rapport with your chosen coach, and interviewing them will help you instinctively feel who would be a good fit for you and if you like their approach.


  • Review the coaches testimonials. Suppose they are a professional coach and have worked in the industry for a while. In that case, they will have client reviews, maybe even interviews you can watch to get another feel for their personality, approach and whether you feel drawn to working with them. Ask about the coaches’ training, qualifications, length of time in the industry, and the previously facilitated results for their clients.


  • You are well within your rights to choose to work with a regulated professional coach or an unregulated professional coach. You can go to your preferred association like the ICF and view the directory of professional coaches.


As with all new ventures, it takes a while to realise if coaching is right for you, if the coach is right for you and if you are ready to be coached. Remember, you cannot see into the future regarding all your decisions. No matter the research you do and the answers you get, you still have to build a relationship with your coach and allow yourself to understand and become immersed in the coaching experience.


Not all professional coaches are created equal, and there are many coaching services available. Please check out this blog to learn more about ‘How to choose the right Business Coaching Services for you


In conclusion


It is fundamentally important to understand what coaching is and that it is not mentoring, consulting or therapy and not a combination of these either.


Coaching helps people tap into their inner potential unlocking their creativity and productivity to create and design a life and business uniquely on their terms.


Yes, anyone can call themselves a coach. However, professional coaches can choose accreditation with a coaching association.


Does accreditation make for a better coach or coaching experience, though?


In all honesty, it is like every other professional who has to be accredited. There are positive and negative experiences regardless, and experience can count for a lot and results.


This is why it is so important to educate the client in being discerning with their decision to work with a professional coach, as much as it is to inform the coaches in their profession so that they can be the best coach they can be.


Anyone can call themselves a coach. ICF-credentialed coaches are professional coaches who have met stringent education and experience requirements and have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the coaching competencies that set the standard in the profession.


ICF-credentialed coaches adhere to strict ethical guidelines as part of ICF’s mission to protect and serve coaching consumers.

So whether you choose to work with a credentialled coach or not is not, in fact, necessarily the question you should be asking yourself. It would be best to ask whether or not you understand what coaching is, whether you are ready to be coached and whether professional accreditation is a deal-breaker for you when choosing your coach.


Coaching is very much an empowering experience, and I believe if you are empowered through knowledge before seeking an answer, you will always make the right decision for yourself.


With Gratitude always,



Alison Callan is an international award-winning business clarity & success coach and author of the #1 book The Conscious You. Alison is an internationally accredited coach with the ICF and an NLP practitioner registered with the NLPAA, association for Australia


Check out more on Alison Callan on her WebsiteFacebook and LinkedIn pages, or schedule a Discovery call to work with Alison now.

How an online business coach can help you achieve your goals

How an online business coach can help you achieve your goals

No matter what stage you and your business are in, an online business coach can help you get ahead if you are an entrepreneur.


The right coach for you can be an excellent resource for your business, especially if you’re starting. They can provide critical support to you in establishing your business which can accelerate your results faster, saving you valuable time and money.


Real Support and Guidance to Build Your Business


The primary objective of an online business coach is to support their client in achieving their business goals and understanding how this impacts their personal goals. They can help you clarify your business vision, develop your long term strategic plans, deliver on your action plans, business diversification, grow a team, marketing and communication. Honestly, the list is long and depends on the experience of your chosen coach.


Now, you should know some things before expecting to find success through working with an online business coach. One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is assuming that an online business coach will do all of the work. The truth is, hiring your coach is only the beginning.

You have to be prepared to do most of the implementation work yourself.


There are many areas of business that you will need to learn and factor into your business strategy and plans. A good coach will help you to understand and master your critical and unique business aspects and manage yourself in the process. So that you can become the best business owner and leader you can be.


Not all online business coaches are created equal.


Not all online business coaches are created equal, so it is imperative that you research and interview each potential coach. Every coach works differently, so it’s essential to understand their approach to coaching.


Here are my top tips for finding the right one for you:


Tip #1: Know what you want to achieve from working with an online business coach 

This is the very first step to finding the right coach for you. Knowing what you want to achieve from working with a coach gives you keywords to search for and a base for interviewing your candidates to discover how they can help you achieve your vision.


Now it’s ok if you do not know what you need to achieve the goal. That’s what your coach will be able to support you in discovering.


Tip #2: Research your candidates before going any further 

If this is your first time working with an online business coach, make sure you do enough research on them before committing in any way financially or emotionally. You could potentially spend months looking into who they are and what they offer before deciding on whether or not you feel they’re worth the investment or not. You want to make sure that you find someone who:


  • has helped others in similar situations in the past (not just their own, so ask for examples),
  • is trustworthy (accredited coaches have undergone professional training and adhere to ethics and standards),
  • will give honest feedback (professionally that is in your best interests even if that means not working with you), and
  • has experience working with other entrepreneurs (review their testimonials or speak with their past clients).


Tip #3: Ask yourself the following

Once you’ve found someone who fits what you want in a coach, it is common to feel excited and scared all at once. Excited about the possibilities and apprehensive at the same time, so be sure you know the answers to these questions and any others that give you confidence:


  • Do I have time for this? Working with a coach takes time, and you must invest in getting the results. There is as much planning and strategising as implementation, so you must prioritise it.
  • How much does it cost? Coaching is an investment in yourself and your business, so be sure to think of this as a percentage of what you desire your annual business income to be to appreciate the figures when determining the potential value.
  • Can I see how I will achieve my vision through working with this coach? You want to understand how the coaches will support you to achieve your specific goal, and you want to feel aligned with the approach they suggest.
  • Do I trust this person? Coaching only works when both parties are open and honest. It is a container of vulnerability without judgement for you to explore strengths, weaknesses and options. If you feel uncomfortable opening up to your chosen coach, think again about hiring them.


If all your responses are favourable, then it is likely you have found the online business coach for you! If not, continue researching until you find someone who meets all these requirements for you and don’t worry if it takes a while, it can, but it is worth it.


The Benefits of Working With A Business Coach online


The benefits of working with an online business coach are vast, but here are the top 5 things you can and should expect:


  1. You will learn more about yourself and your current situation. It may not feel like the most exciting outcome, but it is a precursor to knowing how to get you from where you are to where you want to be and is vital in identifying and eliminating blocks and their reoccurrence in the future.
  2. You will be able to focus your attention on the most productive areas for you. Working with your coach will have you devise a plan that incorporates everything you want and feeds into each project in a timely and purposeful way. So say goodbye to overwhelm and wanting to do everything now.
  3. You will feel more confident about your abilities and ability to achieve what you want for yourself. Seeing a clear strategy and action plan and a realistic timeline will support you to grow in confidence as milestones are met. You will also have skill sets enhanced and reflected back by your coach so you can acknowledge and utilise them again in the future.
  4. You will have the ability to be proactive in your own life by taking control in areas that require it (like financial issues or personal projects). You become grounded in decision making and choices that support your goals and visions—no more being distracted by shiny objects or indecisiveness. Clarity prevails through working with an online business coach.
  5. You will begin new routines and habits that maintain positive reinforcement loops that keep you motivated, inspired, and engaged in what you are doing. Because the vision, purpose and milestones are no longer a dream but an obvious pathway to your reality, and you know the part you are planning to make it happen. (To take action on this now, download The Mindset Pathway – it is the must have tool for successful entrepreneurs.)


Discover How To Market Your Business The Right Way


The internet has made it easier than ever to build a business. With the ease of getting your product or service to market, you can achieve a lot more in less time. The problem is that there are a lot of businesses out there that are banking on enrolling hundreds or thousands the minute they start a social media page or get their website live. The reality is there is a whole world of marketing that every business owner needs to get familiar with, and it is not easier to outsource this unless you know your business inside out.


This is why an online coach can come in handy; they show you how to make money in your business and provide you with insights into your own business identity and success and how to manage other future ventures better.


Working with an online business coach can help you get consistent results with your marketing, elevate your customer journey, and manage your day-to-day life as a result.


It’s never too late for your business to make itself socially viable. An online coach can help you improve your brand messaging and provide guidance on how best to advertise yourself (organically, in the first instance) to become more visible with your potential clients and customers in a way aligned to your business vision. But you must remember it is down to you to consistently implement the strategies and actions into your business over time to see the results.


Markets are moving swiftly, and depending on your business, it’s important to remind you that experimenting, pushing yourself to try new things and learning from your experiences will get the skill sets you will require to lean into as an entrepreneur.


How an online business coach can save you time and money


You can’t be successful if you don’t do the work. Conversely, it’s not true that you can only do well by hiring an expensive coach. The simple fact is that you don’t have to go it alone in business, and you will often go further faster when you are supported.


Here are some of the benefits of working with an online business coach:


1. It will save you time: There is no one roadmap to follow when it comes to starting or building a business, and yes, experimentation is likely, however working with a coach, you will have an expert steering you in the options most likely to succeed because they have more experience, experiments and results under their belt. Having a coach to work with saves you time as you have direct access to years of their training, experience and perspectives to help you navigate the route to your business success a lot faster.


2. It gives you perspective: To talk through visions, goals, options and have someone who can challenge you, guide, and share stories themselves can add such value to the way you think. It can expand your perspective; as often being in your business so deeply and passionately, you need the outside perspective to help you get a better overview of where you are going and how you can get there.


3. It supports you: Everyone needs an impartial sounding board where they can offload their worries, weights and challenges without judgement. As a business owner, you also have a life, and it’s not surprising that the two intertwine and overlap. It can be hard not to let each impact and interact with each other. With a coach in your corner, you can work through everything that’s obstructing you from your visions of success and how you can move forward in a way that’s best for you, which is priceless.


4. It saves you money: In business, time is money, and mistakes are costly. Though we all get to make them, they are part of the rite of passage as a business owner. Mistakes can teach you so much and propel you forward in the long term, but with an experienced coach to work with you, you do not need to make any unnecessary ones and understand all the risks before you dive in so you are fully aware of success and learnings.


5. It is efficient: You won’t know everything, all the technology that’s available to support your business, the opportunities to streamline your processes and systems. Your business coach will come to know your business inside and out and help you take advantage of systematic and technological possibilities to improve your business. They become the expert in your industry, sharing whether a new piece of tech or a marketing strategy could be beneficial to implement in your business.


6. It makes sense: Working with an online business coach should never be boring. They should always inspire growth and motivation; help you learn and grow more than you ever thought possible, and help you achieve your objectives and dreams because that’s what matters most in this world.


The result of working with an online business coach and accessing their expertise will ultimately lead you to more efficient and purposeful operations within your business. Because your coach will help you to plan your strategy over time, providing insights into what works best for your customers, clients or prospects and helping you refine those strategies as you and your business evolve.


Combined with your present state awareness of your skills and ability to stay focused on what’s important, you will make smarter decisions that improve your bottom line and quality of life.


In simple terms, working with an online business coach can have you making your dreams a reality a lot sooner than if you were to go it alone, for a fraction of the time and money investment you are looking to make. Doing this could be your first big business decision, but it won’t be your last.

If you are ready to get started book your Clarity call today with Alison and put these points to the test!


With Gratitude always,



Alison Callan is an international award-winning online business coach and an award-winning author. Alison helps entrepreneurs harness clarity and mindfulness to embrace their full potential successfully and lead fulfilled and meaningful lives. A certified coach with the International Coach Federation, a member of the NLP Association, and a Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Alison’s mission is to champion those starting in business to ensure they discover the confidence to be seen and heard. So that they elevate their brand to thought leadership status and their work becomes a legacy an inspiring movement for others to raise their potential.


Check out more on Alison Callan on her WebsiteFacebook and LinkedIn pages, or schedule a Discovery call to work with Alison now.

Navigating Boundaries: A Guide for Empathic Entrepreneurs

How to choose the right business coaching services for you

For entrepreneurs finding the right business coach is critical, but finding the right business coaching services is equally crucial because coaching is costly in time and money. Knowing you’re making a sensible investment is one of the first business decisions you need to get right.


Alison Callan is an award-winning accredited business coach in Brisbane, Australia, and she knows a thing or two about establishing businesses. She has helped small business owners and entrepreneurs across the globe set up credible, profitable and sustainable businesses. She is also an advocate in supporting the business owner to create and prioritise a quality lifestyle.


One of the main challenges entrepreneurs face when hiring a business coach is not knowing that business coaching services vary in terms of how much money they will cost you, where you can find them, who you’ll be working with, and the expected results.


So here is the low down on what you need to know when choosing your business coach and deciding on the right business coaching services for you.


The Different Kinds of Business Coaching Services


There are several types of business coaching services that can help you get your business off the ground. When it comes to business coaching, be aware that every business coach works differently. However, professional business coaches generally offer four different kinds of business coaching services. Here are the main ones to get familiar with to determine what would work best for you. The standard four business coaching services are:


1. Group Coaching

2. One to one Coaching

3. Strategy Sessions

4. Memberships


It is essential to mention that not all business coaches or business coaching services are created equal, and you should do your research thoroughly before committing to a coach. You can read more about ‘How an online business coach can help you achieve your goals’ here to get you started in the right direction (please hyperlink to the first blog I sent).


Group Coaching


Group business coaching services usually involve multiple members joining the group and a certain level of facilitation by the coach to ensure that the group members stay on track with their goals.


The Pro’s of joining a group coaching program include (but are not limited to):


  • The other participants you get to meet and experience their perspectives and progress. So not only do you get coaching and views on your business, you get to observe others which can give you deeper insights into your business and even inspiration.
  • For business owners and entrepreneurs who work alone, being part of a group is a great way to meet other like minds in similar situations and build your network or friendship circle.
  • The price point of a group coaching program is usually more cost-effective. Often, self-study material supports you in the building and developing side of the business specifics, which adds to the value.
  • Shorter time frame regarding commitment to a program as group coaching is often for a minimum of three months which gives you a taster experience.


You can see what a group coaching program involves by checking out The Conscious Creation Business Accelerator, Alison’s 12-week group coaching program.


The Con’s of joining a group coaching program include (but are not limited to):


  • Listening to and observing others coaching. Yes, this is a blessing and a curse. If time is precious to you and you know you won’t learn from the mastermind environment, then you will be unlikely to thrive in a group.
  • The perceived value you get but then do not make time for can often be negative. So really, you have to be clear on the time you need to invest in getting the maximum benefit.
  • Sometimes it’s more challenging to be vulnerable in a group environment and actively participate fully
  • Lack of flexibility. With other participants on the calls, if you miss a session regardless of the reason, it’s often forfeited because the coach cannot hold another group session. However, do check on this as some coaches can give makeup sessions or recordings to replay.


You will know whether you’re likely to be able to enjoy the group coaching experience. It may feel out of your comfort zone to begin with, but it can be a fantastic opportunity to get coached at a great price point and meet other business owners. All group coaching containers vary, so explore what you feel drawn to and discuss it with your chosen coach.


One to One Coaching


Working one to one with a coach has individual private sessions to work on your personal and business strategies. Depending on the coach and their approach and availability determines how frequently you have your sessions, the duration of the commitment to coaching, and how long the sessions last.


The Pro’s of a one to one coaching program include (but are not limited to):


  • A high degree of focus on your and your business alone, no distractions or interruptions from others.
  • A clearly defined personalised pathway, strategy and action plan
  • Often, this level of service provides more availability to your coach outside of the sessions for communication and to ask questions during implementation phases.
  • A higher level of confidentiality is often felt as there is no one else present for your calls
  • If time is essential to you, then you will only want to be focusing on yourself and your business, and this level of attention from your coach during your session provides a lot more time for you
  • It is easier to reschedule sessions; if an emergency occurs and you let your coach know, makeup sessions are easier to negotiate.


The Con’s of a one to one coaching program include (but are not limited to):


  • With this level of attention and time, it is often the highest investment tier in working with your chosen coach. You may find the investment a stretch; however, payment plans are often an option.
  • You cannot hide. If you are not doing the work between sessions, your coach will know. However, that shouldn’t be a problem if you’re actively looking for a coach because that’s the level of support and accountability you should be expecting.
  • Depending on the coach, the one to one programs are often for a longer time frame for you to maximise your results and experience. As we all know, sustainable businesses take time to build, and professional business owners need time to evolve.


The core message with one to one coaching is that this is for the committed entrepreneur, who knows what it will take to grow themselves and their business and desire the one to one attention and focus on maximising their results faster.


Research your coach and what the program includes to know if it will meet your needs based on how you prefer to work. As the client, you must have a package that works for you to get the best results from you and combine with the coach approach, not limited to:


Strategy sessions


Some coaches offer individual strategy sessions to help you with business plans, longer-term vision planning and creating the subsequent action plans for you to follow through with after the session.

The Pro’s of a strategy session include (but are not limited to):


  • A personalised plan for you and your business that you can walk away with after a significant individualised session.
  • Dedicated time spent getting you the answers to the questions you have.
  • This is beneficial for the entrepreneur who needs help getting all of the ideas and visions into a strategy and plan but does not need accountability for implementation support.
  • Often, these are a couple of hours and intense work, but the investment, although higher, is a one-off spend, giving you a taster of what’s possible with a coach.


The Con’s of a strategy session include (but are not limited to):


  • If you do not have specific challenges or are unclear on exactly what you need to get from the session, it can be a costly waste of time and money.
  • Because you will not have built a rapport with the coach and they will not know your business very well, sometimes this can be a barrier to getting exactly what you need, so it’s essential to be clear on the objectives for the session.
  • You will not have any ongoing support of implementation following the session and may forget specifics of the plan, so either take great notes or ask that the session gets recorded.


It is important to note that when you grow a business, many challenges arise that you had no way of foreseeing. Running a business is a substantial personal and professional development journey.


Having a coach in your corner who understands and supports your development whilst shaping your beliefs, mindset and approach to being the business owner you desire to be is equally as important as having the right strategy.


Strategy sessions are immensely beneficial for beginners and experienced entrepreneurs alike.


Memberships and Subscriptions


People have varying degrees of interest in business coaching services, and memberships and subscription-based programs can be a great start in many ways. However, it’s important to clarify that pure coaching is about facilitating the entrepreneur to find the answers that solve their problems, more than telling them how they should solve them, which is a more advisory or mentorship approach. Memberships and subscription models entice large numbers and consist of a soft touch approach for the individual business owner and business. Because they cannot accommodate such bespoke attention in such large numbers, many memberships and subscriptions are self-paced, self-study and a little more generic in the value and direction they give, which is a pro and a con, to be honest.


If you are considering joining a membership or coaching subscription program, find one specifically for your business, be it service-based businesses or product-based businesses online or in person, etc. That should give you a little more specific and industry-based support to get the most value from experience in time, money and support.


Conclusion (or Next Steps)


Business coaching is a form of coaching that businesses and business professionals can benefit greatly from.


Business Coaching is a valuable resource to invest in for entrepreneurs who want to become more successful in their industry.


Just as you and your business are unique, not all business coaches or business coaching services are the same, so it is vital to research the varieties and options available to you.


Having reviewed the above pros and cons into four of the most common business coaching services, you will now have a much better idea of which you feel drawn to and why. You can then base your decision on how you believe you will perform best and how a coach can work with you to release your potential.


While it is important to remember that business coaching is an investment, it is not only money but time that you invest into building a relationship with a coach who can support you in achieving your goals.


To help you make the final decision about working with a coach and the type of business coaching services you are going to invest in, do your research. The majority of business coaches offer discovery calls for you to meet and answer any questions you may have so that you can make an empowered and informed decision, so be sure to make the most of those opportunities.


Regardless of the business coaching service and coach you choose, you are well on your way to developing the next level in your business and self because you are seeking to do so. That decision alone is a pivotal point in your elevation and worthy of celebrating.


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Alison Callan is The Clarity and Success Coach for Aspiring Entrepreneurs, as well as an International Award Winner in Business, and Internationally Accredited Coach and Certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, Mindfulness Consultant, Facilitator, Speaker and #1 Best Selling Co-Author of the book ‘You Are Meant For More‘.

Alison is committed to helping you mindfully align with your mission to create Conscious Business with Purpose, Confidence and Ease. So that you live a life you love and deserve with Clarity through Conscious Creation.


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Juggling and the importance of Transitions

Juggling and the importance of Transitions

Juggling, it’s a never ending cycle. Juggling roles, of being a parent, a partner, an employee, leader or business owner, a child, a friend, the list literally goes on and on. And although I thoroughly rely on a well planned out routine, sometimes I feel overwhelmed and I drop the ball. My issue with juggling is that the lines between my tasks and roles start to blur sometimes and I loose focus to actually move forward with anything purposeful and then my emotions get in the mix and I don’t remember to Pause and Plan, so then my actions and behaviours as a result are less than my best self. I find this is so often the case with busy people, they don’t have a solid routine and conscious transition trigger between roles, they try and do too much at once and other than possible burn out occurring they drop the ball either by way of snapping and getting angry, getting ill or forgetting to action something important.
Today I woke up and decided that in order to enjoy the plans I had made with my family I would have to set aside my thoughts around what I wanted to achieve in my business for the moment until I could come back to it, otherwise I wouldn’t fully enjoy the day I was living, and be present with my loved ones. But even with this realisation, I still felt torn, I wanted to do both and if I’m honest more. I realised I was out of sync, mentally and emotionally. You see I have set working days, set days where I’m with my kids and then weekends which is family time – and that’s the bit I long for all week. Yet if I haven’t achieved what I set out to during my work days I have a habit of telling myself ‘that’s ok, I’ll fit it in on the weekend‘ so I still feel there’s a possibility of achieving my goals which minimises my panic mode. Then come the weekend I feel guilty for squeezing in work. And juggling starts to feel like a no win situation…
I’m not ready to accept that though. I want to win, or at least feel like I’ve made my time count with no overspilling of roles or emotions.
First step is always realisation, gaining clarity, bringing your awareness to the fact a change is needed. In this instance my challenge is pretty obvious.
Next step is realising my responsibility in assessing the options, being conscious to the here and now and my part in making the change, knowing I have ultimate control. And it comes back to my not being in sync with the moment and myself.
Now I need to take action, make the change take place. Create. So using my example, In order to manoeuvre  with ease between my days, jobs and all my roles I need to get in sync. I need to take a breath in between phases during my day to finish up what I’m doing in a particular moment to label it and let it go until I can come back to it or indeed choose to stay in that space mentally, emotionally and physically until it’s complete. I need to make sure I’m not cross contaminating one aspect of my life with another without conscious thought and awareness. So I take on anew and fresh light response to each phase in my day.
There’s totally another few areas for discussion here, ‘how to choose your priorities‘ and ‘letting go‘ etc etc.(and maybe I will feel called to write up some blogs around those topics later) but ultimately I need to consciously be aware of my role transitions and be purposeful and intentionally about what I’m there to be and do in that moment, wearing that predominant hat of mother or wife or coach in order to be my best self and get the results I want. And continue to keep Juggling!
Here’s the practical bit, for me in order to transition I need to be aware of what I’m moving from and to and what I need to mentally finish up with and check my emotions in on before I move forward so I don’t have momentary longing to be somewhere else doing something else, which means I’m not committed to my present or the people I’m sharing it with. For me a moment to breath and assess then take an action to close down what I was doing is enough. Even if it’s writing down my thoughts of where I want to pick up from when I return.
If it’s a bigger shift I can visualise, while I’m breathing, a box to hold my position and emotions and literally put a lid on them until I return. It’s a mind map if you will of managing daily transitions and role juggling.

Alison Callan is The Clarity and Success Coach for Aspiring Entrepreneurs, as well as an Internationally Accredited Coach and Mindfulness Consultant, Facilitator and Speaker.

Committed to helping You mindfully align with your mission to create Conscious Business with Purpose, Confidence and Ease. So that you live a life you love and deserve with Clarity through Conscious Creation.

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The Misunderstood Step in Manifestation

The Misunderstood Step in Manifestation

When you are sick, you do not self diagnose, you go see a Doctor. Who is an expert at getting you well again.

When your car is faulty you do not tinker with it to try and figure it out, you go to an expert a Mechanic to do what they do best and get your vehicle road worthy again.

When you have an issue with your plumbing, heating or electrics, you go seek out a professional to get the job done right the first time and well, so you are safe, compliant and covered.

So why is it when you start out in Business you think that you do not need an expert to help you establish yourself?

This is the normal behaviour and thinking of what I see, to go it alone and struggle. So, I would like to tell you why you are making a vital mistake with this logic.

Your business is an expression of you. You are the most important person in your life and this soul business you are establishing is not only being created to bring you an income to support all your material needs, it is bringing vitality to your life force too.

When you are designing a purposeful Business why would you put yourself on hold, or in the practise arena. When you can seek out an expert to build you and your business in a shorter, more efficient and effective time. So that you can start reaping the benefits of this new found freedom?

I used to be safe with my money, I used to make sure I didn’t over extend myself. Until one day I realised I couldn’t keep putting myself last in the priorities, or waiting to make money before spending it.

When you are designing a purposeful Business why would you put yourself on hold, or in the practise arena. When you can seek out an expert to build you and your business in a shorter, more efficient and effective time. So that you can start reaping the benefits of this new found freedom?

I invested in a Coach to be the expert in business to support me to get my brand, my life and my expertise crafted quickly, efficiently and practically.

This was not only an investment in a coach but in myself and my future.

I can tell you that I never regretted this investment because quite simply I am the very best investment I can ever make, because I’m a sure thing. Counting on myself and working on myself will always be critical to my success, and learning from experts as I go is fundamental.

When you invest like this and show the world you are stepping up, the world steps up to meet you where you are at, it is expansive and extraordinary. This is quite simply what you’ve been willing into existence, but you have to show your commitment to be able to receive your match.

So tell me….

• Do you believe you are a sure thing?
• Are you worth investing in?
• Is there anyone else out there that’s an expert you could learn from?
• Are you terrified to back yourself?

Whether you say yes or no to any or all of those questions it doesn’t matter because I can tell you right now, You are a sure thing, you are worthy of investing in and there is always someone ahead of you in the game that you can learn from and of course you’re always a little terrified to back yourself because failing is scary and so is succeeding, believe it or not!

If you have a desire to be in a purposeful business but are lost as to what that looks like, then I am the expert to help you. I can see intuitively what you bring to the world and the potential and possibilities to create something magical. Just check out my testimonials.

And, if you have a conscious business that you are looking to begin, design, build, develop or scale then I am the expert to support you to bring even more of yourself to the world successfully with immense clarity. Just check out my Conscious Creation Business Accelerator, or book in to discuss working with me

The only decision you really have to make is, are you ready to step into who you are becoming?

Yes or no? Find your expert to help you – simple as that!

So, tell me because I am so curious to know, what do you currently need an expert for in your Business or Life?

With Gratitude always,

Alison Callan is The Clarity and Success Coach for Aspiring Entrepreneurs, as well as an Internationally Accredited Coach and Mindfulness Consultant, Facilitator, Speaker and #1 Best Selling Co-Author of the book ‘You Are Meant For More’.

Alison is committed to helping You mindfully align with your mission to create Conscious Business with Purpose, Confidence and Ease. So that you live a life you love and deserve with Clarity through Conscious Creation.

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