I have been working with Jade and Kimberley for a while now on building, launching and understanding their unique vision for their awesome business Fit Fab Mum.

These women, like so many I work with, are mirroring the journey I walked, and not that long ago.

They felt, lost, overwhelmed, doubtful of themselves and their vision and whether they could make it happen.

Yet when I met them and heard what they were creating and they shared with me everything they were passionate about I could see their joy light them up.

To me it was clear this was going to be magic, and I knew I could support them to reach their goals.

As intuitive empaths, we feel a lot, yet we also create a lot and as a result we get overloaded and when we cannot keep up with our demands, especially when we feel we have found our purpose we start to shake and the doubt comes crashing down around us.

I know this because I’ve been there. So when things do not go exactly as we’d like, as empaths we feel this doubt even more so than others and all our attention goes to the doubt.

Kimberley and Jade didn’t want to doubt, didn’t want to struggle and fumble in the dark any longer trying to figure out business on their own. So they started to work with me, to support them in a holistic business VIP coaching program to reach the goals they set for themselves in successfully creating and launching their business.

The transformation in them since we have been working together has been incredible,

  •  their business is truly established,
  • ✨ it is professional,
  •  it is structured and has robust systems,
  •  unshakeable client journeys and
  •  boundaries and values and solid relationship structures between them as partners.
  •  They have forged incredible collaborations, with Celebrities and reputable brands,
  •  They have approached media, and written media templates and releases
  •  they understand content structure and strategies for communication and value
  •  they are becoming ambassadors for charities and
  •  they have such awareness of how to create launches and where they feel in tune with launching and
  •  Knowing what their business will be offering
  •  they are building their business their way with integrity and substance.

That’s not to say along the way that there haven’t been challenges, just like with my journey there have been wobbles, but thankfully they had each other – and they had me. I was able to reassure them, guide them, support and coach them to a solution that worked for them each and every time where they felt empowered and in alignment with where they wanted to be.

I cannot tell you how proud I am of them and seeing this post from Jade today made my heart sing because all the above is great, BUT….

You cannot build a business with out unshakeable BELIEF in yourself and this was the last piece of their puzzle. Here is what Jade wrote having read my book ‘You Are Meant For More:

Enjoying some relaxing reading time while Savannah & Matt swim ☺️📖
Reading my business coach Alison Callans chapter in #youaremeantformore! Wow! Completely resonate and sharing her experiences of her journey to success (as a mum of 2 young children) inspires my own journey 🙌🏼
“A big part of building a business is the evolution of self, the realisation that you need to be seen, heard and explored through the most critical of eyes, your own!”
Time to consciously choose to stop playing small, believe in my abilities to serve and be a beacon of light, acknowledge my wins AND most importantly get vulnerable! 💕👌🏼🤩
Watch this space FIT FAB MUM 👯‍♀️

Now, she has this…. well, watch out world Fit Fab Mum is coming! And so are Jade and Kimberley.

Please do support Jade and Kimberly and check out their page FIT FAB MUM and join their group!

So much love, gratitude and celebration for these amazing women xoxoxo