I remember getting the discovery call request through from Naomi, and actually contacting her to see if she really wanted to go ahead and talk with me because everything she was saying in her responses to my discovery questions was so guarded and unsure I wasn’t convinced she actually wanted to meet with me.

I am so glad I got curious and asked her to open up, as opposed to taking her at face value because she has been the most heart felt, genuine, willing and responsive client I have had the pleasure of working with, and we have gone all in, and her results show exactly that!

When we started working together Naomi was terrified, scared of her potential, the distance between who she was showing up as and who she knew she was capable of being, and what in fact was holding her back from taking those steps in business and personally letting her walls down. Not to mention she had no idea how she was going to pay her bills, let alone me.

She started though, she invested in herself and she trusted me to support her, she opened up to me, she kept talking, she used our time wisely and she listened and took action even through her discomfort. She allowed the challenges to be enjoyable and she allowed herself to grow, be vulnerable, to learn and she began to find the fun in business again and she stopped struggling with everything so much.

As a result clients became attracted to what she had to offer because she was being herself, and getting Creative, she was infusing her work with her magic, she was designing her business around her lifestyle and keeping her heart happy and it payed off. Boy, it paid off!

Not only did Naomi smash her personal best in monthly income for February in 3 weeks of us working together but she did it with ease, and she has more quotes and possibilities out there for conversion than before as well as collaborations.

She has been asked to speak at events and she is being recognised as the connector and collaborator that she is.

This woman is more than even she knows – yet the Universe is rewarding her and showing up to give her the rewards and surprises that she deserves, how special is that.

Here is exactly what Naomi posted on her profile to mark and celebrate her own success,

Feeling extremely grateful and humbled this week. A month ago, I was in a state of panic and anxiety not knowing how I was going to pay my rent. I was Googling ‘Should I quit my business’ (I know right) and starting to think about taking on casual work. Instead of letting fear kick my ass, I stepped forward. I hired an amazing business coach, raised my rates, set a goal and started going out and building connections. This week I hit and exceeded that goal, and tonight I was extremely lucky to win Blended Businesses $500 fuel voucher. $500 worth of fuel! It’s the times that you want to quit that you need to fight harder, because after those growth pains comes the magic. And this is proof 💕 Never stop chasing your dreams!

And what’s even more magic? I get to work with her, and see her help incredible Business owners get their Copy sorted once and for all.

So if you have been needing to get your Communication, marketing and website sorted, then this woman can get to the heart of what you need to speak to your ideal client, go check out Naomi Wengier at NW Creative.

There is so much love and magic in this empathic intuitives hands, congratulations Naomi!