I used to cringe at the title ‘Life Coach’, in fact I actively tried everything to avoid using it.

I even got accredited to stand out as a governed and regulated coach in the field to be with the best coaching regulatory body, the International Coach Federation.

I used to see all over social media Coaches popping up offering their value, their unique funnels, systems and programs to get you virtually anything you wanted.

Now let’s be honest, how many of those free sign ups hooked you in because their words and content were just so appealing and you couldn’t resist giving it a try?

I know I bought into the freebies, webinars and challenges in my early days. Yet I never opened any of their genius optins or workbooks and I rarely ever made the webinars live.

Because honestly, I knew the outcome was going to be an upsell, a way to try and get me into a program or something.

Not that there is anything wrong with this, these systems work, and I’ve experienced enough and learnt about them that I honestly know that they can and do. Just not all of them.

Now this process became synonymous to me with the word ‘Coach’ and for me, it didn’t feel right.

Coaching in my book is exploring the depths of a person’s soul and beliefs and experiences to support them to find their own strength and system to manage their way to success. This begins with clarity of what their version of success looks like. And I do not believe there is a system or funnel that can work exactly the same way for everyone. Especially not empaths and intuitives.

There are programs that can share knowledge and teach you to grow and expand your perceptions and thinking, but they cannot speak directly to the soul of each person uniquely without a measure of 1:1 connection with a personal Coach.

Now there are some amazing Coaches, and I know a lot of them, so this is in no way negative to those in the profession, or those who use systems and funnels, everyone has to work in their own unique way. Now, that is what I advocate for.

However my experience has been that for me there was always a disconnect, and I know for a lot of other people too with the over used and confused term of ‘Coach’.

The way in which I ‘Coach’ was always very different, that I honestly didn’t want to conform to a term that seems diluted.

I decided to go out to my clients at the time of starting my business and I asked them what they thought I stood for and what results they got through my unique ways of Coaching.

Each one of them came back with the terms of receiving great Clarity & Success. And that is how I coined the term and title of ‘The Global Clarity & Success Coach.’ It was delivered to me by my Clients.

Why am I telling you all this?

It’s because I have had some discovery calls recently with some sensitive and empathic souls who are here to make a difference in the world. But, they have been burnt. They have been burnt through buying into the funnels, programs and systems or promises from ‘Coaches’ who they thought would care and help them get their Clarity and Success and they were let down.

This has honestly broken my heart.

Yet, having spoken to me about what is different with my group coaching and 1:1 programs they have opened up to trusting me to get them the results they need, personally and professionally.

So, what was the difference that I made to them?

They all said that they felt I cared, that I could see the soul and purpose in their mission and they believed I’d have their back. Because let’s face it, designing your life or business or career is a holistic process.

To me, they felt heard, understood and supported, which is how everyone deserves to feel when they invest in me and themselves.

They are not another acquisition to me, they are not a number. They are souls with purpose, pain, experience and challenges and I sure as hell see them, feel them and support them.

I see their potential, their light and dark and I see the connection. I feel it.

If you have been burnt by other Coaches, Coaching Programs or unfulfilled promises, or courses with no substance and you have been on the fence about trusting someone else to guide you I can honestly say please do not lose hope or sight of your vision.

You just haven’t found your Coach yet.

Finding the Right Coach for you!

We are not all the same and you need to do your research. Here are some questions to ask before jumping in with a Coach. Because I want you to feel empowered and worthy, so ask some or all of these:

• Who is this coach, what do they believe in and stand for?
• Do your values align?
• What promises or guarantees do they make to look after you?
• What is their experience, in life and business?
• How much time will they spend directly with you?
• What is their coaching style?
• How will they check in with you if you’re not showing up or following through?
• What advice do they give, versus coaching & mentoring? (It’s not all the same!)
• What will they do if you’re not satisfied?

You are entitled to understand them, to connect with them and feel into their genuineness, this is ok. If they are the right coach for you they will want you to care and be able to confidently respond, and they will answer their truth.

I am not the Coach for everyone and I appreciate that. Regardless I want you to feel empowered to find the right Coach for you as I believe everyone benefits from a Coach. Specifically the right Coach for them.

I got called ‘The Coach Who Cares’ the other day as a gorgeous soul was in tears, because she felt finally heard, safe and supported.

Now that is the connection you need to make with your Coach.

In my group program you get personalised time, you get your chance to be coached every single week by a coach who cares, by a coach who gets to know you and is invested in you as much as you are. I want to see and feel my clients get success, feel clarity and drive their own results because they have the beliefs and tools to do so, their way.

Yes, I can teach you the funnels, the systems and programs yet I’ll encourage you to do it your way, to break the rules to follow your intuition and inner guidance to get you your version of success. I’ll cry with you, laugh with you and lovingly kick your butt if you need it. But I won’t leave you alone when you need me the most even if you think you want me to. I’ve got your back and business.

Learn more about the Conscious Creation Business Accelerator now.

So if you want to interview me, to check out my vibes and energy then book in to have a chat, let me show you how different I am from every other ‘Coach’.

I’d love the opportunity to support you to Consciously Create your vision, your way!

With Gratitude always,

Alison Callan is The Clarity and Success Coach for Aspiring Entrepreneurs, as well as an Internationally Accredited Coach and Mindfulness Consultant, Facilitator, Speaker and #1 Best Selling Co-Author of the book ‘You Are Meant For More’.

Alison is committed to helping You mindfully align with your mission to create Conscious Business with Purpose, Confidence and Ease. So that you live a life you love and deserve with Clarity through Conscious Creation.

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