Sarah has two businesses and is a multifaceted businesswoman, she is a homeopath, craniosacral therapist and Reiki master and founded the business North Lakes Homeopathy. Sarah also formulated and created another business, Natures Happiness providing plant-based formulas for toddlers who had intolerances. Both businesses were and are successful. So, when Sarah reached out looking for a Coach she had to have a significant goal in mind.



Sarah wanted motivation and support to get clarity and focus in Natures Happiness to bring about her newest product an infant formula, which had already been in the making for over a year. Sarah knew it was time to get serious, to identify the right process to get the product manufactured for the right price with the best formulation and to then develop her marketing strategies. She needed to know how to get her heart and motivation back into this product having felt blocked with it for a while.


Sarah reached out to me and we discussed her blocks and what her ideal outcomes would look and feel like.  We tapped back into her story and the passion she had when she started Natures Happiness. She felt that she had not been present in this business for a while and she wanted to put a strategy in place, something that was easy as she didn’t know how to make the running of two different businesses flow.

Sarah joined the Conscious Creation Business Accelerator as she wanted to come into a group and be a part of a community and talk every week. She wanted support in being accountable and having a structure and routine that naturally felt aligned. She also wanted to learn from what others were going through in the group and appreciate how she could relate and apply their questions and answers into her life to accelerate even more.


We designed her goal for success in her on-boarding 1:1 session prior to the group starting. Her goal for this 12-week program was to get ready for the infant formula, to focus on a new routine, to fall in love with this business and have a success strategy for a fabulous launch. A well-considered product delivery routine thereafter to build her brand recognition further. By the end of our session she was motivated and with a plan and a mission to make this a success.

Sarah got stuck in to the group, she absorbed the content, committed to showing up every week without distractions, she planned what she needed to work through from her personalised plan and she ensured she was accountable. She also became a huge support and valued group member for her peers.


During those 12 weeks Sarah was more involved in the business of Natures Happiness. She fell in love with it again and it has started to get recognised through influencers. She is sharing content that’s not boring to her anymore, she’s sharing value through education. She’s building her brand her way.

She tried and experimented different approaches and monitored how they felt, what created traction and knows now what works for her and is confident with it.

Sarah has built tools into her business so she can batch content and create in one go, which takes the pressure off and she has stopped doing the things that don’t work.

Sarah has faced immense challenge head on with issues with the production of the infant formula, finding ingredients, getting the right manufacturing and processes that line up. But she learnt a lot about the creation of ingredients and policies. On the up side she really knows her product inside out. And thanks to being in the group she never once gave in, gave up and she even reached out for support to keep her resolve and motivation.


Being in the Accelerator gave Sarah the encouragement to find the love and motivation for the challenges that the product would deliver, she was grateful for the support of the group to plough on through.


Her successes have been building the support and audience of Natures Happiness, being functional with her efforts, she has business processes and procedures to support her and maximises her time all while maintaining her business with North Lakes homeopathy as well. She has had an increase in sales of her toddler formula and a shift within her about really owning the brand communication. As well as continuing to develop the infant formula, which is now at sample phase.

Personally Sarah is ‘busy’ in her businesses, she’s feeling clearer, she’s feeling confident and fully in control of Natures Happiness now. She knows where she’s heading, she has plans and is excited. She feels prepared to manage everything that comes her way. Her vision is so much more expanded too, so much so that she is coming back into the Accelerator to maintain this trajectory that she is on.

I cannot wait for you all the explore the beautiful Businesses that Sarah has in North Lakes Homeopathy and Natures Happiness, I think you’ll agree they are heart centred, purposeful and successful enterprises.

Congratulations Sarah, I am so excited to see all your endeavours continue to grow and that vision come to life!